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History Test

Keystone It is the architectural piece at the top of an arch. It uses the pull of gravity to lock the other pieces of the arch into position.
Pax Romana The Peace of Rome. 180 years of no wars in Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
Aqueduct It was a system that brought water to the city. The first level provided water for the most important uses like drinking water and the other level brought water for more individual use.
Tribune Had the power to veto laws of the Senate, Tribunes were elected by the Plebeians
Consul Head of state
Senate Patrician assembly
Amphitheater It was built as the place where games were played to entertain the people. The bigger the amphitheater the richer the city.
SPQR The Senate and People of Rome
Forum It is the center of government, business and temples.
Dictator Appointed for 6 month in time of crisis
Veto I say no
Patrician A nobleman
Legion It is the basic fighting unit of the Roman army and had about 500 or more soldiers in it.
Legionnaire That is a member of a legion. Besides being a soldier, he had to build roads and temporary camps.
Circus Maximus A horse race track
Pilum The pilum was a heavy throwing javelin. It was designed to bend upon impact, the pilum could not be reused against the Romans by an enemy.
Coliseum The largest Amphitheater
Plebeian A commoner
Roman Baths It held 1,000 people at one time. Everyone visited the baths for health and social reasons. It had hot and cold pools, underfloor heating and flushing toilets.
List 5 Roman Buildings 1) Amphitheater 2) Aqueduct 3) Theater 4) Coliseum 5) Baths
List 5 Roman Days of the Week 1) Saturday is Saturni Dies– day of the god Saturn 2) Monday is Monandaeg – moon day 3) Sunday is Dies Solis – day of the Sun 4) Friday is Frigedeag – Friggs day 5) Thursday is Thorsdagr – day of Thor
List 5 Roman Months 1) April is Aprilis – month of the goddess Aphrodite 2) August is Augustus – month of Augustus Caesar 3) October is Octo – the month of eight 4) November is Novem – the month of nine 5) July is Julius – month of Julius Caesar
List 5 of the Roman Government 1) Senate 2)Consul 3)Dictator 4)Tribune 5)Patrician
List 5 Roman Engineering Feats 1) The keystone 2) The aqueduct 3) Flushing toilets 4) Amphitheater 5) Roads
Julius Caesar • Gaius Julius Caesar was dictator for life. • Gaius Julius Caesar was killed because he was dictator. • His really name was Gaius Octavius Thurinus but then when he got adopted he changed his name to Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus.
Augustus Caesar • Augustus was the 1st emperor. • Invents the term prince. • Palace comes from him. • The month August comes from him.
Created by: ashleykonheim