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Medical Terminology

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Word Roots in Medicine

Crani- Pertaining to the skull
-otomy Cutting into
Craniotomy Cutting into the skull
Dys- Difficult, painful, or bad
-uria Urine
Dysuria Difficult or painful urination
Hyster- Uterus
-ectomy Surgical removal of
Hysterectomy Surgical removal of the uterus
Hemo- Blood
-toxic Poison
Hemotoxic Blood poison
Peri- Around
-card- Pertaining to the heart
-itis Inflammation of
Pericarditis Inflammation around the heart
Leuko- White
-cyte Cell
Leukocyte White (blood) cell
Chole- Bile, gallbladder
-cyst- Bladder, bag, sac
-itis Inflammation of
Cholecystitis Inflammation of the gallbladder
Tachy- Rapid, fast
-cardia Pertaining to the heart
Tachycardia Rapid or fast heart
Neur- Nerve, nervous system
-algia Pain
Neuralgia Nerve pain
Poly- Many, much
-cyt- Cell
-emia Blood
Polycytemia Many blood cells
Brady- Slow
-cardia Pertaining to the heart
Bradycardia Slow heart
Gastr- Stomach
-ectomy Surgical removal of
Gastrectomy Surgical removal of the stomach
Mening- Membranes covering the brain and spinal cord
-itis Inflammation of
Meningitis Inflammation of membranes of the brain and spinal cord
Neo- New
-pathy Disease, abnormal condition
Neopathy New disease or abnormal condition
Dermat- Pertaining to skin
-ologist Person who does/studies
Dermatologist Person who studies the skin
Procto- Rectum, rectal, anus
-scope Examining instrument
Proctoscope Instrument for examining the rectum
Carcin- Cancer, malignancy
-oma Tumor, a swelling
Carcinoma Cancerous tumor
Electro- Electrical
-encephalo- Brain
-graph Diagram, instrument for recording
Electroencephalograph Recording of electrical activity of the brain
Osteo- Bone
-malacia Softening of a tissue
Osteomalacia Softening of bone tissue
Para- Near, beside, beyond, abnormal, lower half of the body
-plegia Paralysis
Paraplegia Paralysis of the lower half of the body
Py- Pus
-uria Urine
Pyuria Pus in urine
Acro- Extremities (Arms and legs)
-megaly Large, enlarged
Acromegaly Enlarged extremities
Geront- Old age, elderly
-ology Study of, science of
Gerontology Study of the elderly
Dys- Difficult, painful, or bad
-phagia To eat, consume, swallow
Dysphagia Difficulty to swallow
Hydro- Water
-cele Swelling, tumor, cavity, hernia
Hydrocele Water tumor
Aden- Gland, glandular
-oma Tumor, a swelling
Adenoma Swelling of the glands
Anti- Against
-toxic Poison
Antitoxic Against poison
Ophthalm- Eye
-ology Study of, science of
Ophthalmology Study of the eye
Chole- Bile, gallbladder
-cyst- Bladder, bag, sac
-ectomy Surgical removal of
Cholecystectomy Surgical removal of bladder
Endo- Within, innermost
-card- Pertaining to the heart
-itis Inflammation of
Endocarditis Inflammation within the heart
Gastro- Stomach
-enter- Intestine
-itis Inflammation of
Gastroenteritis Inflammation of the intestine inside the stomach
Hypo- Decreased, deficiency, low, under, less than normal
-glyc- Sugar
-emia Blood
Hypoglycemia Low blood sugar
Septic- Poison, rot, infection
-emia Blood
Septicemia Blood infection
Olig- Few, less than normal, small
-uria Urine
Oliguria Less than normal (amounts of) urine
Bronch- Air tubes in lungs
-itis Inflammation of
Bronchitis Inflammation of air tubes in lungs
Homo- Same, like
-geneous Kind, type
Homogeneous Same type
Arterio- Artery
-sclerosis Dryness or hardness
Arteriosclerosis Hardness of an artery
Dys- Difficult, bad, painful
-meno- Monthly
-rrhea Flow, discharge
Dysmenorrhea Difficult monthly flow or discharge
Angio- Vessel
-pathy Disease, abnormal condition
Angiopathy Disease of blood vessels
Blepharo- Eyelid
-rrhaphy Suture of, sewing up a gap or defect
Blepharorrhaphy Suture of eyelid
Urethro- Urethra (Tube from bladder to urinary meatus)
-cyst- Bladder, bag, sac
-itis Inflammation of
Urethrocystitis Inflammation of urethra in the bladder
Pneumono- Lung, pertaining to the lungs, air
-melan- Black
-osis Condition, state, process
Pneumonomelanosis State of black lungs
Para- Near, beside, beyond, abnormal, lower half of the body
-osteo- Bone
-arthro- Joint
-pathy Disease, abnormal condition
Paraosteoarthropathy Disease of bone joints in the lower half of the body
Salpingo- Tube, fallopian tube
-oophro- Ovary, Female egg cell
-cele Tumor, swelling, hernia, cavity
Salpingo-oophorocele Swelling of the fallopian tube in the ovary
Idio- Peculiar to an individual; self-originating
-pathic Disease
thrombo- Clot, thrombus
-cyto- Cell
-penia Lack of, deficiency
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Self-originating disease that lacks the ability for cells to clot
Narco- Sleep
-epi- Upon, over, upper
-lepsy Seizure, convulsion
Narcoepilepsy Seizures over time of sleep
Post- After, behind
-partum Birth, labor
Postpartum After labor
Hernio- Rupture
-rrhaphy Suture of, sewing up a gap or defect
Herniorrhaphy Suture of a rupture
Derma- Pertaining to the skin
-cyan- Blue
-osis Condition
Dermacyanosis Condition in which skin is blue
Thora- Thorax, chest
-centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
Thoracentesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid from chest
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