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Medieval Japan

Questions relating to the feudal system in Medieval Japan

What were the 3 factors that led to the rise of feudalism in Medieval Japan? 1. The spread of Shoen 2. The rise of the Samurai warrior class 3. The establishment of the Kamakura bakufu by Minamoto Yoritomo in 1185.
What is a Shoen? A large rural estate that was exempt from imperial taxation & administration.
What does the word 'Samurai' mean? The word 'samurai' first appears in historical documents in the 8th century and means 'those who serve'.
What are the names of the two powerful clans that rose to power in the middle of the twelfth century? The Taira & the Minamoto clans.
What is a bakufu? A government ruled by a Shogun.
What does the title: 'sei-i tai-shogun' mean? Barbarian conquering great general.
What is 'kamikaze'? This is the name for the 'Divine wind' that the Japanese believe was sent from heaven to protect them against the Mongol fleet in 1274.
What does the word 'Shinto' mean? It means 'way of the gods'.
What is the name of the basic life force that exists according to Shinto? Kami.
What is the emphasis of Zen Buddhism? Zen Buddhism emphasises the importance of self-discipline.
What class in Medieval Japan, practised Zen Buddhism? Samurai.
In Zen Buddhism, what is 'mushin'? Mushin is the mental state of forgetting oneself and freeing oneself from fear.
Explain Bushido. Bushido, 'the way of the warrior', was the warrior code of the samurai. The Samurai were expected to act honourably and endure hardships such as fasting and marching barefoot through snow. Above all they must be loyal.
What is seppuku? This is ritual suicide. The Samurai warrior would commit suicide rather than act dishonourably, or to atone for any wrong doings.
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