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Empires of Asia

Where was the original location of the Ottoman Empire? Asia Minor
When did the Ottoman Empire emerge as a political/economic power? Following the conquest of Constantinople
With the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, what was the extent of its territory? SW Asia, SE Europe, Balkan Peninsula, North Africa
Which religion was practiced in the Ottoman Empire? Islam was a unifying force and accepted other religions
What 2 products did the Ottoman Empire trade? Coffee & ceramics
What was the old capitol Constantinople renamed? Istanbul
Where was the Mughal Empire located? Northern India
What were 3 items traded by Southern India? Silk, spices, gems
Describe how the Mughal Empire traded with European nations. Portugal, England & Netherlands competed for trade on the Indian Ocean by establishing coastal ports on the subcontinent
How did the Chinese and Japanese react to European traders? What did they do? Tried to limit European interaction in their countries
Identify a way the Japanese attempted to control European merchant influence after 1500's? Adopted a policy of ISOLATIONISM
How would you characterize the Japanese government in the 16th Century? Powerless emperor, Controlled by a military leader, Shogun
What did the Mughal Empire do in relation to religion? Spread Islam into India
How did the Mughal Empire impact the arts? Heavily funded the arts; biggest architectural achievement was the Taj Mahal
The Mughals influenced what British industry? Textiles
What countries competed to trade along the Indian Ocean coastal ports with the Mughals? Portugal, England, Netherlands
What did the Chinese create for foreign traders to conduct trade? Foreign enclaves (area for specific countries to trade)
What goods did Europeans demand from the Chinese? Porcelain and tea
What is the Shogun? Japanese military leader (had the real power)
What were Africa's primary exports? Slaves (in triangular trade), and raw materials such as gold and ivory
What were Africa's primary imports? Manufactured goods from Europe/Asia/Americas, new food products
What types of manufactured goods did Africa import? Guns, textiles
What types of new foods did Africa import? Peanuts, corn
What is mercantilism? European economic system that says colonies exist only for the benefit of the mother country
What did European maritime nations compete for? Overseas markets, colonies, markets
What limited the economic activity of colonies? The needs of the mother country
What emerged during the Commercial Revolution? New banking systems, new money
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