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Chapter 6

What happened to Romans trades with silver and gold drain? They reached there limit
What caused the collapse of the Western Roman Empire? Asia Huns attacked.
What did citizens and loss of patriotism? People didn't care
What happened to Rome's inflation? The taxes got raised.
What decline of loyalty and discipline in military? They fought again each other.
What drastic drop in the value of money coupled with a rise in prices, helped weaken the Roman Empire? Inflation
What was the name of the two centuries of peace and prosperity also know as? Pax Romana
Byzantium which is now known as? Turkey
Distribute of trade? They couldn't get any where because the boundaries of the empire and Mediterranean Sea.
How old was Augustus when he died? 14
Who did emperor Augustus proclaim son of god? Jesus
How is it different from roman polytheism? Judaism was monotheistic
Romans worshiped there gods out of what? Fear
Created by: Raventrecost