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H-ch.14 test q's

multiple choice

Who controlled trade between Asia and Europe in the 1400's? Italy
What was the Line of Demarcation? line set by pope dividing all non-european land between Portugal (east) and Spain (west)
Who are the Boers? Dutch farmers who settled around Cape Town; gave a strategic foothold for trade
How did the Europeans usually obtain slaves? relied on African rulers and traders to seize captives in the inferior and bring them to coastal trading posts and forts
What was the first European country to gain a foothold in Asia? Portugal
How did the Dutch East India Company come to dominate Asian trade? with its sovereign powers to build armies, wage war, negotiate peace treaties, and govern overseas territory
Unlike China and Korea, how did Japan react to Europeans at first? they welcomed them
Who was the first European country to challenge Portuguese control of Asian trade? Dutch
As the Mughal Empire weakened, who fought for control of India? Britain and France
Why did the European traders pay for Chinese goods in gold and silver? because the European goods were inferior to Chinese goods
Created by: granegvesky