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Chapter 6

Who was Hannibal? Hannibal was a brilliant military strategist who wanted to avenge the defeat of Carthage earlier.
Who was Julius Caesar? Julius Caesar was a strong military leader and a genius at military strategy
What did Jesus do? Jesus passed on the word of god
What does republic mean? Republic is a form of government in which power rest in citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders.
What dis tribunes do? They protected the right of the plebeians from unfair acts of patrician officials.
What was the senate? It was the aristocratic branch of Rome's government
What is a dictator? A dictator is a leader who had absolute control to make laws and control the army
How long did the Punic wars last? 23 years
What does civil war mean? Conflict between groups within the same country
What is a triumvirate? A group of three rulers
Who was Augustus? He was Julius Caesars adopted son named octavian
Where was Jesus born? He was born in Bethlehem judea
What is diaspora? Is dispersal of the Jews
Who was bishop? A priest who supervised several local churches
Who did bishops say was the first pope Peter
What does inflation mean? A drastic drop in the value of money with a raise in prices
Why did Rome's government force mercenary to join the Army? To defend against the increasing threat to the empire
Who was Diocletian ? He was a strong-willed army leader, who became emperor
What city took the name Constantinople ? Byzantium
Who was the last roman emperor how old was he? He was 14 and his name was Romulus augustulus
What produce the culture Greco-roman? The mixing of elements of Greek, Hellenistic, and roman culture
Where are the best examples of roman art found? The city of Pompeii
Who spent ten years writing the most famous work of Latin literature? Virgil
Who was Tacitus ? A roman historian
Why were aqueducts built? To bring water into the cities
All person have the right to equal treatment according to the? Law
A person is innocent until? Proven guilty
The burden of proof restored with the accuser rather than the? Accused
A person should only be punished for what? Acts not thoughts
What is the Pax Romana? It is a period of peace and prosperity.
Created by: Tiadams69