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Cameon chico

Chapter 6

What two cilvilizations influenced early Roman culture? Greek and Etruscan.
Why were the twelve tablets significant? They listed the laws that protected all free citizations of Rome.
Which group represented the democratic side of Roman goverment? The tribal assemblies
Plebeians In acient Rome, on of the common farmers, artisans, merchants who made up most of the populution
Tribune In ancient Rome, an offical elected by the plebeians to protect their rights
Who was Hannibal? He was a general of carthage his dad made him promise at nine the he would always hate Rome and see to destroy it.
The end of the reigon of Marcus Aurelius marked the end of two centires of peace and prosperity known as the.... Pax Romana
Under Constantine, the capital of the empire was moved from rome to...... In what is now ..... Byzantium... Turkey
The lat Roman emperor was... Romulus Augustulus
When the empire was again divided the portion that survived the the... East
The chiefain of the Mongol group, who now became a direct threat to Rome, was... Attila
Roman soldiers had become less loyal, so the goverment was forced to hire... to defend the empire. Mercenaries
Created by: Kawirider