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Brandon Gaines

Chapter 6

1.) what culture heavily influenced roman realigon ? The Greeks
2.) What are two problems that led to the fall of Rome ? The loss of patriotism in the civilians and lack of loyalty from soldiers .
3.) Gaul is what present day country ? France
4.) Who leads the roman army attacking Gaul ? Julias Ceaser
5.) when Gallic General Vercingetorix chases the Romans out of Gaul he uses "scorched earth" tactic . What is this ? When you burn towns, feilds , and crops
6.) The end of Marcus Aurelius marked the end of two centuries of peace and prosperity know as ? Pax Romana
7.) What did Constantine do to reform his empire ? Limited personal freedoms and restored order .
8.) Who was emperor Nero ? Who did he blame for the great fire of 64?why? Emperor Nero was emperor from 54 to 68 b.c. he was known for his artistic endeavor . He blamed the Christians for the fire; So they would be persecuted.
9.) Describe Judaism ? The follow the 10 commandments and believe in only one god.
10.) about how old was Jesus when Augustus died ? Jesus was around 14 years old .
11.) instead of love and trust the Romans worshipped their gods out what ? Fear
10.) about how old was Jesus when Augustus died ? Jesus was around 14 years old .
11.) instead of love and trust the Romans worshipped their gods out what ? Fear
12.) Who was Hamilcar Barca ? He was a military leader and tactiton
13.) Who was the son of Hannibal Barca ? Hamilcar Barca
14.) What happened to Hamilcar in the battle for Rome ? He was killed
15.) Why are Rome and Carthage in conflict over Sicily ? It was the center of trade and controlling Sicily you wold control trade .
16.) How long did Hamilcar Barca fight in Rome ? 13 years
17.) what is Greco roman culture ?
18.) what is Pompeii ?
19.) what is Virgil ?
20.) who is Tacitus ?
21.) What is aqueduct ?
22.) In what way did roman art differ from Greek art ? Roman art there was more sculptures rather than paintings and Greek art was more along the line of sculptures .
23.) Describe how the world would be if had not existed ? The world would be completely different because with out Rome we would not have some of the art we have today and some countries would not be here.
24.) What influence did Latin have on the development of western languages ? The influence it had is that Latin pretty much the basis of are language that we have today .
Created by: Brandon Gaines