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Kenna McIntyre

Chapter 6.

Carthage dominated the Mediterranean for how long? Six hundred, 600, years.
What was the Punic wars named after? The Latin word Punici, Rome's word for Phoenicians.
Carthage returned to where to amass wealth? Spain.
How long did Hannibal continue his fight in Rome? Thirteen, 13, years.
What forces did Hannibal march to Rome with and what year? 90,000 men, 12,000 horses, and 37 elephants. The year is 218 b.c.
Why were Rome and Carthage in conflict over Sicily? Sicily was critical to trade.
How did the Romans improve their Navy? They copied boats and made them better.
Hannibal Barca. Hamilcar's son.
Gaul is what present day country? France.
General Vercingetorix. A Gallic general, who wants to end Caesar.
The "scorched earth" tactic. To burn everything and leave nothing behind.
Marcus Brutus and Gaius Cassius. Two senators that plotted Caesars assassination.
Some Roman values are? Loyalty, strong, and disciplined.
How was Caesar military wise? He was a strong leader and a military genius.
Some Roman values are? Loyalty, strong, and disciplined.
What is religion? Faith, belief, something to aid with the problems of life.
What religion was Ancient Rome? They were polytheistic. The believed in many gods and goddesses.
Paul of Tarsus. A secondary founder of Christianity.
Judaism. The oldest living religion in the western world. A belief of only one, 1, god.
Emperor Constantine. Converted Rome to Christianity.
Romans worshipped their gods and goddesses out of what? Fear, instead of love and trust.
Who did Emperor Nero blamed for the Great fire of 64? He blamed the Christians.
What is polytheism? Belief in many gods and goddesses.
How did the Etruscans influence the development of Rome? A developed system of writing.
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