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Jasmine Lowe

Chapter 6

Why are Rome and Carthage in conflict over Sicily? Carthage was to trade and Sicily was against that.
How do Romans acquire Sicily? They defeat Carthage.
How did the Romans improve their navy? They captured a Quinquereme.
How did this effect Hamilcar's forces in Sicily? They had to surrender.
What did Rome gain in victory? Sicily and all the islands around it.
What to Hamilcar in the battle of Rome? He was killed.
Who was Hannibal Barca? Hamilcar's son.
How long did Hannibal continue his fight in Rome? Thirteen years.
What starts the third Punic War in (149 BC)? They didn't tell them to leave the city.
What did Constantine do to reform the empire? Limited personal freedom.
What caused the final collapse of the Western Rome Empire? The German invasion.
Describe the religion in Ancient Rome. They didn't want to believe in God if they didn't want too.
Who did Emperor Augustus proclaim to be the son of God? Julius Ceasar.
Who did Emperor Augustus proclaim to be the son of God? Julius Ceasar.
Describe Judaism: Oldest living religion.
About how old was Jesus when Augustus died? He was about fourteen.
Is Tacitus' account a primary or secondary source? How do you know? Secondary, because he wasn't there.
Why were the Jews persecuted? The Jews homeland became the Romans province of Judaea.
How might this cause tension with the Christians? Because they believed that Jesus was the son of God.
What was the appeal of Christianity? Promises of gifts and spiritual gifts.
How might this cause tension with the Christians? Because they believed that Jesus was the son of God.
In what ways did Christianity foster a new sense of community and belonging? Letters of Paul and formula.
Who was Paul of Tarsus? A secondary founder of Christianity __ after Jesus.
Why did Paul travel? To spread the word of Jesus.
Under Constantine, the capital of the empire was moved from Rome to ___________. In what is now __________. Byzantine & Turkey.
Explain how the Civil War relates to Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was a strong leader and a genius at military strategy.
What caused Gold & Silver drain? They didn't have enough to make money.
What caused disruption of trade? Disruption of trade made the economy collapse.
What caused inflation? Disruption of trade and no silver or gold.
What caused citizen indifference and loss of patriotism? The empire started to fall when no one supported them.
The last Roman Emperor was ______________________ Romans Augustulus.
The eastern half of the Roman Empire came to be called the ____________ empire. Byzantine.
Created by: Jasmine Lowe