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Cassondra Johnson

Chapter 6

Tribunes Commanded the army and the directed the government of the roman republic.
How did the geography effect the development of Rome? Build on hills fertile soil.
Which two group competed for the power in early roman republic? Patricians and plebeians
Consuls Elected representatives of plebeians.u
Senate Aristocratic
Who was Hannibal Hamilcar's son
Caesar was a strong leader and a genius at military strategy. Civil war
Was in a group of three leaders Triumvirate
Caeser appointed him self out as governor Gaul
Marcus Brutus and gaius Cassius Plotted Caesars assassination
Roman Empire Believed in many gods
Gaul present day country France
Who led the Romans attacking Gaul Julian Caesar
Why did Caesar build walls and trenches and moats? To keep vercingetorixa army in and reinforcements out
Who was successful in the war of Caesar and vercingetorixa Romans
Scorched earth means Burn everything and leave nothing behind.
The chieftain of the mongol group, who now became a direct threat to Rome, was Attila
Who gained control of the western part of the empire in A.D. 312 and eventually secured control of the east as well Constantine
Romans soldiers had become less loyal, so the government was forced to hire what Mercenaries
Citizens indifference and loss patriotism The empire started to fall when no one supported them.
Disruption of trade Made the economy collapses
Gold and silver drain The didn't hire enough to make money
Inflation Disruption of trade and no silver or gold
Decline of loyalty and discipline in military The ended up hiring mercenaries
Describe the religion in Ancient Rome They didn't have to believe in the god if they didn't want to
What is a religion A belief of something, faith, and with the problems in life
Why we're the Romans polytheistic They believe the divius would help them by blessing the cings or by watching over the fathers
In stead of love and trust, the Romans worshipped their god out of Municipal
Describe Judaism Oldest thing in religion in the western world. They believed in one god
How is it different from the roman polytheism Roman poly accepted many different gods and goddesses and the Judaism only excepted on god
Why the Jews persecuted The Jews homeland became the Romans province
Who did emperor Augustus proclaim to be the son of god Julius Caesar
Wha did Paul do tarsus say in his letter He wrote about the teaching of Jesus
Greek culture had a major impact on Rome Because of literature and philosophy
Unlike Greek sculpture, roman sculpture Was realistic
What is one way roman culture influences of life today Many English words have a stablished Latin
The deism of roman agate dual made significant use of Arch
Which of the following was an important principle of roman law? A person is innocent until proven guilty.
Created by: Casseyjay1