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Prezzley Buckhannon

Chapter 6

How did geography affect the development of Rome? The river brought produce, foreign fleets weren't a threat.
How did the Etruscans influence the development of Rome? They boasted a system of writing and influenced agriculture.
Which were the main groups that competed for power in the early Roman republic? Patricians and Plebians.
What were the causes of the first Punic war? Over who would have control of the Mediterranean.
What characterizes a republic as a form of government? Citizens vote for leaders.
Who caught in the Punic Wars, why was the end result significant? Punic wars were fought by Rome and Carthage.
What actions showed that Hannibal was a brilliant military strategist. He attacked so that dust would overwhelm his enemies.
Why were Rome and Carthage in conflict over Sicily? Whoever controls Sicily controls the trade routes.
How do Roman's get Sicily? Rome defeated Carthage in the Punic War.
Who was Hamilcar Barca? The first great general of these people.
What happened to Hamilcar in the battle for Rome? He died.
What happened in Canae? Hannibal fought Roman forces.
The Roman commander Scipio Africanus defeats Hannibal in... ...Zama.
What starts the third Punic War? Romans wanted Carthage to abandon their home.
Why were Romans polytheistic? They believed in more than one god.
Instead of love and trust, the Romans worshipped their gods out of...? Cults and observations.
How is Judaism different from Roman polytheism? Jews were committed to one God, while Romans believed in many.
Why were the Jews persecuted? Judaism forbade the worship of Rome's rulers and gods. The Roman presence led to fighting, unhappiness, and persecution.
Who did emperor Augustus say was the son of god? Himself.
How old was Jesus when Augustus died? 14
Who was emperor Nero? A good young man who grew to be a horrible, thoughtless excuse for a human being.
Who did he blame for the fire of '64? Why? The Christians. He liked to kill them.
Who was Paul of Tarsus? The second founder of Christianity.
The end of the reign of Marcus Aurelius marked the end of two centuries of peace and prosperity known as the...? Pax Romana
A drastic drop in the value of money... Inflation
Diocletian He divided the empire into two sections.
This guy gained control of the western and eventually eastern part of the empire. Constantine.
The chieftain of the Mongol group who became a direct threat to Rome was... Attila.
What caused the disruption of trade? Hostile tribes and pirates of the Mediterranean.
What caused gold and silver drain? Hostile tribes and pirates on the Mediterranean.
Wha caused the decline of loyalty and discipline in the military? Collapse of Roman government in the west.
What caused citizen indifference and loss of patriotism? Conditions in the later centuries of the empire.
What did Constantine do to reform the empire? He continued many of the social and economic policies; secured control of the east.
What was the final collapse of the western Roman Empire? It was the result of worsening internal problems, the separation of the western empire, and outside invasions.
What is Greco-Roman culture? The mixing of elements of Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman culture.
How were the Greek and Roman arts different? Greeks were known for beauty and idealization of sculpture, Roman's created realistic portraits in stone.
What were bas-reliefs used for? To tell stories and to represent crowds of people, soldiers in battle, and landscapes.
Who was Virgil? He was a poet who spent 10 years writing the Aaneid.
What are aqueducts? They were designed by Roman engineers to bring water into cities and towns.
Who was Tacitus? He was another Roman historian who presented facts accurately.
What is the language of the Romans? Latin.
What was Rome's most lasting and widespread contribution? Law.
Created by: Prezzley