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Ben Talbott

Chapter 6

What three groups of people inhabited the Italian Peninsula? The Latin's, the Greeks, and the Etruscans.
Who fought in the Punic Wars? The Romans and the Carthaginians.
Who led the Romans and who led the Carthaginians during these wars? Scipio led the Romans while Hannibal led the Carthaginians.
In the Roman republic, what could be done in a time of crisis? They could elect a dictator that would have all power for six months.
What were the two groups of people in the Roman Republic and what was their differences? The plebeians and the patricians. The plebeians were everyday people who were allowed to vote but could not hold the most important positions while the patricians were the rich who inherited their power.
Who was the head of the Roman Republic while NOT in a crisis? The two consuls.
Who was one of the first people to have absolute control of Rome? Julius Caesar
What was Octavian's name after after becoming the emperor of Rome? Augustus
How did the Romans keep all the homeless and unhappy citizens of Rome occupied? They held all sorts of free games, Gladiator contests, races, and mock battles for people to watch.
How did Caesar die? He died by being stabbed multiple times in the senate.
Out of the whole population, how much of it did slaves make? They made up, at the most, one third of the population.
What was the most important industry in Rome? Agriculture was the most important.
What trade did Jesus take up when he was young? He took up carpentry.
How was Jesus killed and by whom was he killed? He was killed by being hung on a cross and was killed by the Romans led by Pilate.
What were the twelve people called who followed Jesus around? The apostles.
Who was an Emperor of Rome that believed in Christ? Constantine
Why did the messages of Jesus appeal to the poor? Because he ignored wealth and status
What did Paul say in his teachings? He wrote about the teachings of Christ.
What side of the Roman Empire fell first? The western side
What group of people was Attila leader of? The Mongols
Where was the Capitol moved to? It was moved to Byzantium in present day turkey.
What is one cause of the fall of the western empire? One cause was outside invasion.
How old was the last Roman Emperor? He was fourteen years old.
Conditions caused the citizens to lose what? Their patriotism.
What was one of Rome's greatest feats of engineering? The Colosseum
What was Rome's most lasting contribution to the world today? Roman law
What did Greek culture affect in the Roman Empire? Literature and philosophy
What type of architecture are the Romans known for? The arch
Roman sculpture was what? Realistic
What happened in Pompeii? A volcano erupted covering it in a layer of ash killing 2000 people.
What was Rome's art intended for? Education
Who is considered to be one of Rome's worst rulers? Nero
Created by: wvbillhilly