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Brock Herrod

Chapter 6

Romulus and Remus People who founded Rome
Forum Center of Roman Republic life
Tarquin the proud Last king of Rome
Why was Hannibal an amazing man He was a brilliant military strategist, and he wanted to avenge Carthage
Who took men, calvary, and many of elephants over the alps? Hannibal
What general forced Hannibal to go back and defend his homeland? Scipio
How did rich people and poor people differ. Rich people loved in huge estates and had it made, while poor people lived in sturdy wooden houses.
What major Empire did Caeser defeat? The Gauls
What did Caeser do to Pompey? He attacked them andn made them flee, and defeated him
How did Caeser die? He was stabbed and assinated
Pax Romana Long period of peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire
What was a problem in the growth of Rome? Many people were left poor
Why did Roman Rulers persecute Christians? Because they would not worship to the Roman gods
When was jesus born Around 8-6 BC
What was Pauls mission To spread the word that he had a vision on jesus that he died for our sins and he was a son of god.
What led to a change in the fortunes of christianity Constantine victory at milvian bridge
Diaspora The disperal of the jews
Bishop Priest
Who divided the roman empire into 2 parts Diocletian
Why did diocletian divide the roman empire into 2 parts It was too large for one person to rule
What did the eastern roman empire do after the west collapsed Survived for another 1,000 years
Attila A powerful chieftain
Inflation Declined in the value of money
Mercenary Soldier who is paid to fight for a foreign country
Pompeii A roman town
Tacitus A roman historian
What language did romans speK Latin
What was the latin word for the collesium Collusus
Greek culture had a major influence on rome in Literature and philosophy
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