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Larrin Shriver

Chapter 6

What are Rome's two officials? Consuls
What are the Twelve Tables? A set of laws wrote on 12 tablets.
What is the senate? The aristocratic branch of Rome's government.
What type of power did a dictator have? Absolute
How long did the first Punic War last? 23 years
What was unique about Hannibal's military? His military contained 60 elephants.
What is Greco- Roman culture? A mix of Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman culture.
How did the laws change after the empire grew? They started treating everyone equal.
What is one of the greatest Roman engineering feats? The Colosseum.
What did a aqueduct help do? It helped bring water into town.
How long did it take Virgil to write Aeneid? 10 years
Where can most of the Roman paintings be found? The town of Pompeii
What did Roman art convey? Roman ideals on strength, permanence, and solidity.
The Romans borrowed mostly who's cultural elements? The Greeks
What did Tiberius and Gracchus attempt to do? To help the poor
What is a civil war? A conflict between groups within the same country.
Who joined forces with Julius Caesar? Pompey and Crassus
What is Pax Romana? A time of peace
Who setup civil services? Augustus
What is Numina? A powerful spirit
What new religion was introduced during the Pax Romana? Christianity
What type of network linked the empire? A network of roads
Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem
Who baptized Jesus? John the Baptist
How did Jerusalem greet Jesus? As Messiah or King
Did Paul ever meet Jesus? No
What is the dispersal of the Jews called? Diaspora
Constantine prayed for what the day before the battle at Milvian Bridge? He prayed for divine help.
Who was the first Bishop to travel to Rome from Jerusalem? Peter
What is a pope? The head or father of a Christian church.
What are mercenaries? Foreign soldiers who fought for money
What did Diocletian do to the army? He doubled the size.
Where did the capital get moved to? Byzantium
What side of the empire survived after Constantine's death? The East
What did the Romans call invaders? Barbarians
Who led the Huns? Attila
How old was the last Roman emperor? 14 years old
Created by: Larrin23