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Mady Ashcraft

Chapter 6

Republic Government in which citizens have the right to vote
Consuls Commanded the army and directed the government of the Roman republic
Legions Large military unit of armed foot soldiers
Tribunes Elected Representatives of plebeians
Senate Aristocratic branch of Rom's government
Dictator A leader in times of crisis who had absolute power to make laws and command the army
Why was Hannibal a brilliant military strategist? He sought to surprise the Romans by leading his army or a long trek form Spain across France & thought the Alps. He had good attacks.
What were the differences between the patricians and the plebeians? The patricians were the wealthy group of people and the plebeians were the poor group of people. Plebeians made up most of the country.
Who fought in the Punic Wars? Who won in the end? Rome and Carthage; Rome won.
Why is Rome and Carthage in conflict over Sicily? They both wanted to control the trading routes.
Who was Hamilcar Barca? The 1st Great General.
Who acquired Sicily and how? The Romans; they defeated the Carthage in the 1st Punic War.
How long did Hannibal continue to fight in Rome? 13 years
What happened in Cannae? Largest defeat until World War 1
Gaul is present day...? France
Who lead the Roman army that attacked Gaul? Julius Caesar
Who won the battle with Julius Caesar? Julius Caeser
Pax Romana The end of the reign of Marcus Aurelius and marked the end of two centuries of peace and prosperity.
Byzantium is now present day...? Turkey
When the empire was AGAIN divided, the portions that survived was The east
Who divided the empire into two sections? Diocletian
A reform-minded emperor Diocletian
Mongol nomads that attacked the Germanic peoples on the northern borders of the empire The Huns
Chieftain of the Mongol group and became a direct threat to Rome was..? Attila
The last roman emperor Romulus Augustulus
The eastern half of the Roman Empire Byzantine Empire
Inflation A drastic drop in the value of money coupled with a rise in prices and helped weaken the Roman Empire.
Mercenaries Roman soldiers that helped defend the empire
Greco-Roman culture The mixing of elements of Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman culture
Pompeii Roman town with good Roman paintings
Virgil A poet wrote famous work of Latin Literature, the Aeneid, the epic legendary Aeneid
Tacitus Roman historian and presented the facts accurately
Created by: M.Ashcraft