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Chapter 6

Republic Government in which citizens have the right to vote
What was Rome built on? Seven rolling hills
Patricians Wealthy landowners
Who did Rome conquer and how? Italy. Rome dominated central Italy
Who was the leader of the first Punic war ? Hannibal
Why was Hannibal's army so strong? What did it consist of? He was a brilliant military strategist. 50,000 infantry, 9,000 cavalry, and 60 elephants.
Who won the Punic wars? Rome
What caused Romes republic to collapse? Discontent amount lower classes and breakdown of military
Who wanted to help the poor and what happened to them The gracchus brothers, They both got killed
Who was Julius Caesar? He was a brilliant military leader and the governor of Gaul
What title was Julius Caesar given and how did people feel about him? Dictator for life, some feared losing their influence and others considered him to be a tyrant
What happened to Julius Caesar? People plotted his death. He was stabbed to death.
What happened after his death? A civil war broke out and destroyed what was left of the roman republic
What was the Pax Romana and how did it help Rome? Time of Roman peace. Rome's population grew to 60-80 million people
Who was Augustus? The exalted one, or supreme military commander
Who was Jesus? The son of God
What age did Jesus start public ministry? 30
How many apostles did Jesus have and what were they believed to do? 12, they were believed to have written some of the gospels
After Jesus' death where was his body placed In a tomb
What did Paul write in his epistles? Jesus was the son of God& he died for everyone's sins
What was the dispearal of the Jews called? Diaspora
Why were the Christians persecuted? They refused to worship roman gods
What did Jesus refer to Peter as? The "rock"
Who disrupted trade on the Mediterranean Sea? Hostile tribes and pirates
What weakened Rome's economy? Lack of gold and silver & inflation
Why was Rome's military in disarray? Their soldiers didn't give their allegiances to their commanders
Who was Diocletian? A strong willed army leader and emperor
What did Diocletian do? He doubled the size of Rome's army & split Rome into 2 sections
Where did Constantinople move the capital of Rome to? Byzantium/ Turkey
What happened to the western empire? Huns went through it destroying everything
Who was the last roman emperor and how old was he? Romulus augustulus, 14
By the second century who had Rome conquered? Greece
What cultures was the Greco- roman culture made of? Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman culture
Where were the best examples of paintings found? Pompeii
What poet spent 10 years writing the Aeneid? Virgil
Who did the Romans learn the art of sculpture from? The Greeks
What did Romans make sculptures out of? Stone
What roman historian was notable because he presented his facts accurately Tacitus
Who created to colosseum? Titus& Domitian