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Emily Bowman

Chapter 6

In what Punic War did Rome gain control of the Medditeranean? The first Punic War.
Did the Etruscans influence Rome architecturally? Yes
In 509 B.C. who overthrew the Roman monarchy and established a republic? The aristocrats
Who was the leader that defeated Hannibal? Scipio
Did the Plebians have representatives and if so what were they called? Tribunes
What idea did the Twelve Tables establish? All free citizens had a right to he protection of law.
How did Caesar die and who was responsible? He was stabbed to death, and the men who were responsible are Marcus Brutus and Gaius Cassius?
During the Roman Empire what were Lares? Lares were the guardian spirits of each family.
Who ruled the first Roman triumvirate? Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus
What were three Roman values? Strength, discipline and loyalty.
Who appointed Julius Caesar dictator for life? The senate
What were three government provided activities? Races, mock battles, and gladiator contests.
Who and why did Emperor Nero blame for the Great Fire of 64? He blamed the Christians because he needed a scapegoat.
Who is Paul of Taurus and why does he travel? He is a man referred to as the second founder of Christianity and he traveled to spread the word of Jesus.
Instead of worshipping their gods out of love and trust the Romans worshipped their gods out of _____. Fear
What book declared that the Roman Empire would be neutral with Christianity? The Edict of Milan
At the Battle of Milvian Bridge who became a Christian? Emperor Constantine
For what reason were the Jews persecuted? They didn't view the rulers as gods.
List 6 reasons that led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Disruption of trade, gold and silver drain, inflation, decline of loyalty and discipline in military, and citizen indifference and loss of patriotism.
Did Diocletian divide the empire? Yes.
When the empire was divided again did the west survive? No the East is the side that survived.
The eastern half of the empire came to be called the Byzantine Empire or the Byzantium empire. the Byzantine Empire
Who was responsible for moving the capital? Constantine
Which side of the empire survived the division? The eastern side.
Attila was the ________ of the Huns. Chieftain
This person gained control on the western part of the empire and eventually gained control over the East as well. Constantine
A large military unit of armed foot soldiers is referred to as ____. A legion
The aristocratic branch of Rome's government is The senate
Who appointed their self as Gaul's governor? Julius Caesar
Who was given the title of Augustus and is responsible for fixing Rome? Octavian
What is the key difference of ancient Rome's earliest religion compared to Christianity? One is polytheistic while the other is monotheistic.
Judaism followers had a covenant to only one god, does this make them polytheistic or monotheistic? Monotheistic
Roman art and literature conveyed what Roman ideals? Strength, permanence, and solidity.
This language once spoken in Rome was developed into French, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and Italian. Latin
The mixing of Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman elements produced ____-_____ ______. Greco-Roman culture
Who is the writer responsible for Aeneid? Virgil
In what city can the best examples of Roman paintings be found? Pompeii
Is Tacitus known for giving accurate information? Yes, he is well known for his accurate facts.
In the 18th century which U.S. president started a Roman revival, in the U.S.? Thomas Jefferson
What was designed by Roman engineers to bring water into cities and towns? The aqueduct
The Coliseum name comes from the Latin word colossus which means ____. Gigantic
The reign of _______ was a time of artistic achievement. Augustus
Roman sculptors created realistic portraits out of_____. Stone
Roman roads were constructed out of ____, _____, and _____. Sand, stone and concrete.
Created by: Eabowma2