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Chapter 6

Who founded Rome? Romulus, and Remus, sons of mars and a Latin princess.
Who built the first settlement at Rome? Latin.
Who took 90,000 men and 10,000 horse and 85 elephants across to invade Rome. Hannible.
What did Rome get out of the Punic wars? Rome got. Money, control, of scilly, and the Mediterranean.
Why were the twelve tables significant? They listed the laws that protected all free citizens in Rome.
Which group represented the democratic side of roman government? The tribal assemblies.
What was Pax Romana? A long time of peace in Rome.
What was one problem caused by the growth of Rome? Many people were left landless and poor.
What percent of Rome was farmers? About 90 percent.
What was romes religion? They were polytheistic which means believing many gods.
What did Rome do for fun? They watched gladiator matches in the colosseum.
How was slaves treated in the roman world? They were treated as property, and forced to do hard labor.
Why did the message of jesus have special appeal to the poor? Because he didn't care about wealth or social status.
Why did the roman rulers persecute the Christians? They would not worship the same gods.
Why did church leaders write the nicene creed? To resolve disagreements about Christian beliefs.
Which ruler finally accepts Christians? Constantine
Who moved the capital of Rome? Constantine
What year did Jesus die? 29 a.d.
What is inflation.? Where money does not worth as much as it use to.
Who split Rome in half? Diocletian
Who invades Rome? Germanic tribes.
Who was forcing the Germanic tribes into Rome? Attila the Hun, and his army the Huns.
What happened to the eastern part of Rome when the west collapsed? It flourished for another thousand years.
What was the effect of moving the capital? The center of power had switched to the east.
What did Greek culture have an effect on for the Romans? Literature and philosophy.
Unlike Greek sculptures roman sculptures were more? Realistic
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