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WHA Unit 2 Review

Who conquered Peru for Spain? Francisco Pizarro
This European was the first to reach India by sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. Vasco da Gama
This European was the first to lead an expedition that reached the Pacific Ocean. Vasco Núñez de Balboa
What was the name for the part of the triangular trade network that involved slaves being brought to the Americas? the Middle Passage
Who was the Aztec emperor at the time of Spanish arrival in Mexico? Moctezuma II
What was the caravel? A light-weight sailing ship invented by the Portuguese in the 1400s. It was fast and easily maneuvered.
What was the ultimate goal of early English, Dutch, and French explorers? to find a passage to Asia
Which European country was the first to launch large-scale voyages of exploration? Portugal
What was one thing that killed the Native Americans? European diseases because they did not have a resistance to them.
Why did the Spanish bring Africans to the Americas? To work on their plantations as slaves.
How does a country achieve a favorable trade balance according to mercantilism? sell more goods than it buys
One key to the success of the Ottoman Empire was their military force
Why did the Ottoman Empire gradually decline? a series of weak sultans came to power who had no experience with governing.
What happened to the non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire? they faced many restrictions
The Mughal Empire was located in modern-day India
The Mughal Empire began to decline during the rule of Aurangzeb
What religion did the first shah of the Safavid Empire make the official religion? Shiism
Ming rulers isolated China because They did not like the foreign influence and wanted to preserve their traditions.
What people ended the Ming Dynasty and started the Qing Dynasty? the Manchu from Manchuria
What European was able to have influence in Ming China? Matteo Ricci
Under which ruler did the Ottoman Empire reach its height? Suleyman I
What is a shogun? The supreme military leader of Japan who ruled int he emperor's name.
What is a samurai? a professional warrior in feudal Japan
Why was the Great Wall constructed? to protect northern China from Mongol invaders
How did the Japanese feudal system work? In exchange for allegiance and military service, the noble landowner gave property or payment to the samurai warrior.
Why did Mehmed II want to take over Constantinople? Because it controlled the Bosporus Strait which was a major trade route between Asia and Europe. This city also divided the Ottoman Empire.
What were the positive and negative effects of the Columbian Exchange? There was an exchange of various goods, foods, & livestock between Europe & the Americas that were never before seen in each place. A negative result was the Europeans diseases that were not seen in the Americas. These wiped out native populations.
Created by: vburke