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Age of Discovery

What are 3 effects of the Renaissance and Reformation? Growth of Secularism, growth of the individual, growth of religious toleration
What were 2 major changes/eras during the 1400's & 1500's in Europe? Renaissance & Reformation
Which group of people was the main focus of exploration & colonization in the 1400's? Europeans
What are 5 reasons Europeans were interested in discovering new lands & markets in 1400's? demand for gold, spices, natural resources in Europe; support diffusion of religion; compete in politics and economies of Empires; innovation of navigation; Prince Henry the Navigator
Identify the 3 outcomes of the Age of Discovery. new land; trading posts/markets; colonization
How did indigenous people acquire new faiths? Colonists converted the indigenous people
What was the result of the discovery of the America's by Europeans? Exchange of products & resources between the East & West hemispheres
What were 3 impacts of the Columbian Exchange? shortage of labor for crops; slavery based on race; European plantation system in the Caribbean & Americas destroyed the indigenous economies and environment
Europeans migrated to new colonies in the America's creating new social & cultural patterns. True or False? True
Where did Europeans establish trading posts? Africa and Asia
How did explorers and colonists influence the natives? New language, faiths (religion), and culture
What were 5 effects of European migration & settlement on the America's, Africa, & Asia? Territory claims in North & South America; demise of Aztec & Incan; legacy of a rigid class system in Latin America; forced migration of African slaves; colonial imitation
What were 2 effects of European migration to Africa? European trading posts along the west coast; trade in slaves, gold & other resources
What were 2 effects of European migration to Asia? Colonization by small groups of merchants (India, China); Influence of trading companies (Portuguese, Dutch, British)
What was traded among Europe, Africa and America? slaves, sugar & rum
Which 3 continents were part of the triangle of trade? Europe, Africa, Americas
This major city was later named Istanbul? Constantinople
Which Spanish explorer led an expedition to the Americas that led to the fall of the Aztec Empire? Hernando Cortez
Which explorer destroyed the Incan Empire in South America? Francisco Pizarro
When the Ottomans took over ________________________, Europeans were forced to find alternate trade routes. What is the City? Constantinople (aka Istanbul)
Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe? Ferdinand Magellan
Which French explorer claimed most of Canada while looking for a north route from the Atlantic to the Pacific? Jacques Cartier
Sailing around the entire world is known as ______________________ Circumnavigate
Who is credited for discovering the America's & sailing for Spain? Christopher Columbus
Which explorer opened the flood gates to exploration in the America's? Christopher Columbus
Which explorer aided in establishing overseas empires & decimating the indigenous population for Portugal? Vasco de Gama
Which explorers aided in establishing overseas empires & decimating the indigenous population for Spain? Name all 4. Columbus, Cortez, Pizarro, Magellan
What Englishmen was the 2nd person ever to circumnavigate the globe? Drake
Europeans began to explore other markets by making their way from Europe to ________? to Africa, to India, to Asia
Which Portuguese prince was the chief leader in encouraging European exploration? Prince Henry the Navigator
What countries were dominant in establishing trading posts in Asia (particularly India)? Dutch, British, Portuguese
The exchange of foods, animals, and diseases between the Eastern and WEstern Hemispheres is known as ____________________ Columbian Exchange
In the Columbian Exchange, what is the "Old World"? Eastern Hemisphere
In the Columbian Exchange, what is the "New World"? Western Hemisphere
What were Old World products introduced to the New World through trade? (Europe ---> Americas) Horses, cattle, diseases
What were New World products introduced to the Old World through trade? (Americas ---> Europe) Corn, potatoes, tobacco
Why did the indigenous people of the Americas die off so fast? European diseases
Why did Europeans turn to Africa for slaves? Needed a labor source to work plantations
What was slavery based on during the Age of Discovery? Race
What impact did the European plantation system have on the Americas? Destroyed indigenous economies and damaged environment
Where were gold and silver exported to during Triangular Trade? Europe and Asia
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