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Exploration summ.

This is a review for the summative on Exploration.

What allowed people to explore in the early 1400's? More accurate maps & better instruments (astrolabe, magnetic compass) were available. Astrolabe, magnetic compass, & more accurate maps of world came from interactions with Muslims who helped Europeans explore & navigate on their ships in the 1400’s.
What helped the Portuguese have the best ships in the world in the 1400's? What were the ships called? Portuguese built ships with triangular sails which allowed them to sail against (into) the wind. These ships were called caravels. Portuguese ships could sail longer distances with the new sails.
What were reasons Europeans began exploring in the 1400's? 1) Get Asian spices cheaper by finding a direct route to Asia. 2) Spread Christianity to counteract spread of Islam. Millions of people were baptized in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. European languages and technology was introduced to the natives.
How did Henry the Navigator help in Exploration? Henry the Navigator from Portugal set up navigation schools to teach people how to sail.
What did Ferdinand Magellan do? Ferdinand Magellan from Portugal was the first captain to have a crew sail around the world (circumnavigation).
What did Spanish explorers do to natives in the Americas? Spanish Explorers killed many Aztec and Incas to get their gold and silver.
What did the French and English explorers do in the early 1500's The French and English sailed north to find a route to Asia and laid claims in Canada and the northern part of North America.
Explain Mercantilism. System when government of a country controls everything in its colonies & takes colonies resources to make main country/government stronger. European countries got rich off the colonies. When 13 colonies in America had enough, started Revolutionary War.
Define Colombian Exchange. Colombian Exchange is the exchange of ideas, animals and diseases between Europe and the America’s. It started after the arrival of Columbus in the new world.
What were some negative effects of the Colombian Exchange? Europeans brought deadly diseases to the America's like measles & smallpox that killed many natives in new world. Native Americans also forced (slavery) to work on sugar plantations.
What new products were learned about as a result of the Colombian Exchange? Europeans learned about new products like tomatoes, potatoes, turkeys, corn, cacao beans, peppers, tobacco. Americans learned about new products like bananas, grapes, coffee, olives, chicken, rice, horses, cows, pigs, sheep.
What other changes were made in the world because of the Colombian Exchange? Horses became main means of transportation in America as a result of this exchange. It changed the eating habits of people all over the world. Potatoes became the staple crop in Ireland as a result of this exchange.
Created by: wojo1177