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brianna 9weeks baybe

notes durh

why has the growth of managed care increased the need for increased communications? c) managed care systems are large and very large complex with a number of rules for the patient to follow, increasing the chance of miscommunication.
prejudice on the part of a heathcare worker Is a barrier to communication because the heath care worker will: A.) see the stereotype and mot the indusial patient.
which of the following is an objective sign of a bruised kidney? A.) Bloody kidney.
Mrs. Peters is admitted with dizziness and loss of balance. she says she cannot sleep at night because it feels like the room is spinning around. Her complaints are classified as: D.) subjective.
which of the following is an example of an open-ended question? C.) "why do you think you keep gaining weight?"
what could be found on the surface of a sterile instrument? D.)nothing
HEENT head, eye, ear, nose, throat
LPN licensed practical nurse
BKA below knee amputations
ARD acute respiratory disease
OU both eyes together
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
AD right ear
od overdose
AS left eye
ENT ear, nose, throat
madness mani
decrease penia
suture rraphy
binding desis
breast mast
gastra stomacha
Created by: Brianna_williams