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A set of practices and beliefs agreed on by a number of persons Religion
5 functions of religion Gives Hope Instructs how to live Explains afterlife Creation of the world Explains human purpose
2 Largest religions by population Christianity & Islam
What is the oldest religion still practiced? Hinduism
Hinduism was Founded in? India
Who was Hinduism's Founder? No founder
Aryans light skinned people
Dravidians Dark skinned people
Hinduism Theism Polytheistic
Hinduism 3 Main Gods Vishnu (Preserver) Brahma (Creator) Shiva (Destroyer)
Dharma Due your duty so you can move up the Caste system when you die.
Karma Deeds built up in life that you have to make up in the next life
Moksha No Karma= Moksha
What does a prophet do? Spread the word
Hinduism Prophet No prophet
Hinduism Holy text Vedas
Hinduism When you die reincarnation
Stretching/ meditating Yoga
Hinduism Place of Worship Temple
Hinduism Religious leader Guru or priest
Hinduism Vegetarian because... Eating animals is violent and wrong
Hinduism Who/where do they fight? Muslims in Northern India
Hinduism Country w/ most? India
Judaism Place started Jerusalem, Israel
Judaism Year started 2000BCE
Judaism Founder? King Solomon
Judaism God? Yahweh
Judaism Theism? Mono-
Judaism Covenant a pinky promise, only bigger and with blood instead of a pinky.
Judaism Holy book Torah
1st 5 books of Old Testament: Torah
Judaism: Prophet? Moses
Judaism When you die? ALL JEWS GO TO HEAVEN! Starring: Adam Sandler
Judaism Language Hebrew
Judaism Language 2.0 Yiddish
Hebrew+German= YIDDISH
Diaspora move from Israel to Europe
Diaspora 2.0 Move from Europe to Murica
Judaism Leader Rabbi
Teacher is synonym for... Rabbi
Kosher Food rules
No cheeseburgers, No cloven hoof, no shellfish... Kosher rules
Judaism Place of Worship We get down in that SYNAGOGUE
Judaism Country with most MURICA!!!
Judaism 2 types Conservative and reform
What does the fox say? THAT'S ALL FOR JUDAISM!!!!!
Buddhism Place Founded India
Buddhism Founder Siddhartha Guatama OR BUDDHA!:)
Siddhartha Guatama meditated under the _______ tree for 8 weeks and became Buddha. boddhi
Buddhism Theism Atheistic or poly-
Full connection to the source of energy Nirvana
Buddhism Purpose for life Reach Nirvana
Buddhism Holy Books Poli Cannon
Buddhism Attachment to people and things leads to _______ Suffering
Buddhism Prophet Buddha
Buddhism When you die Reincarnation to pay for karma until you reach Nirvana
Buddhism Rituals Meditation Yoga
Buddhism Place of worship Home Shrines
Buddhism Religious Leader Dali Llama
2 Kinds of Buddhism Mahayana & Theravada
Mahayana Mono/polytheistic, new, heaven or hell regular ppl
Theravada Atheistic, monks
Buddhism Country with most today Chiner
Christianity Founded in 33AD
Apostles Followers of Jesus
Missionary Spread word, get converts
Catholic Universal
Christianity First Pope Peter Jesus' home dawg, broseph.
Fer da Jewzzz b4 Yeshua Old Testament
After Yeshua, About Him and spread of Christianity. Mostly letters New Testament
Aramaic Spoken by early church
Islam Starts where and when 600CE in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Islam Founder Muhammad (PbuH)
Islam is a continuation of ________ and ________ Christianity and Judaism
Islam Theism Mono
What do Jedi use to view PDF files? Adobe Wan-Kenobi
Islam Purpose of life Follow 5 pillars
Islam Holy text Koran (Qur'an)
Islam Prophet Muhammad
Angel who spoke to Islam's prophet Gabriel
Islam When you die Heaven of Hell
5 Pillars of Islam 1: Give 2% of income to charity 2: Visit Mecca 3: Pray towards Mecca 5 times a day 4: Believe Allah is the only God 5: Fast during Ramadan
Islam Religious Leader Iman
Halal Food rules
Hijab Clothing rules
Keep body covered except face and hands Female Hijab
Anything swimming trunks don't cover Male Hijab
Islam Place of Worship Mosque
Sunni Belief Leader must be related to Muhammad
Shia Leader can just be a good dude.
Islam 2 places they fight Jews in Israel Hindus in Northern India
Islam Country with most Indonesia
Created by sci-fi writer in the 1950's. Believe humans have alien souls captured from another planet and that is why we get depressed Scientology
Believe Christ came to USA after crucifixion and preached to natives Mormonism
Believe Jesus took over heaven in 1904 and kicked Satan down to earth. That's why the world keeps getting worse. Jehova's Witnesses
Oldest monotheistic religion still practiced. Good god- Ahura Mazda Bad God- Angra Manyu Influences Judaism Zoroastrianism
Started by Confucius Harmony comes from doing right Confucianism
Reaction to Confucianism Return to nature "Tao" is a life force most people don't understand Taoism
God shows himself in different ways. All religions have the same God. Baha'i
Created by: 1314laneypoynter



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