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Hanna Graves

9 weeks test

Patient satisfaction from the health care experience is mostly determined by the: Quality of communication from care givers
What communication behavior by a health care provider demonstrates a sincere concern for the patient's welfare? Listening carefully
What behavior is a part of active listening? trying to see the other person's point of view
Karl Miller is a nursing assistant. How should Karl sign a chart entry for a patient who tells him his headache has gone away? Patient states "Headache has gone away" K. Miller CNA
Standard precautions were developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A microbe that can cause an infection is called normal flora
The best way for sterilizing instruments that may corrode is dry heat
The process that destroys pathogenic organisms but is not always against spores and viruses is chemical disinfection
Which of the following is not a work practice control to reduce exposure risks? break contaminated needle
To control the spread of microbes, you should do all of the following expect shake linens and equipment to remove dust
AMA Against medical advie
-itis inflammation
Round of spherical bacteria arranged in change is termed: streptococci
tuberculosis is caused by a tubercle bacillus, which is a/an bacteria
where would you find an anaerobic microorganism in the soil
Through Microbiology we are now able to identify organisms rapidly. Which component of the chain of infection can be eliminated quickly. causative agent
The smallest microorganisms are known as viruses
hem(at) blood
Psycho mind
You are caring for a patient who is visually impaired and need to measure the patient's vital signs. You should: Announce yourself upon entering the room, introduce yourself, and explain what you will be doing.
Created by: hannagraves