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Lana Bucklley

9 weeks test

You are writing an e-mail to confirm gerry Brown as a guest speaker for a HOSA chapter meeting. hwat closing sentence would be the MOST appropriate? we look forward to your presentation to our chapter members.
karl miller is a nursing assistant. how should karl sign a chart entry for a patient who tells his headache has gone away? patient states "headache has gone away." K. Miller CNA
what behavior is a part of activ e listening? trying to see the others person's point of view.
what as an example of an open-ending question? "Why do you think you keep gaining weight?"
the process that destroys pathogenic organisms buti sn ot always effeective against spores and viruses is.. chemical dienfection
the best transfer method to use when placing a sterile bowl on a sterile field is the.. mitten technique
an N-95, P-100, or more powerful filtering mask such as a high-efficincy particulate air (HEPA) mask must be worn for.. airborn precautions
a microbe that can cause an infection is called: a pathogen
you ae changing Mrs. Norman's bed when you stick your finger with a used syringe left on the bed. this is: an exposure incident
what is ther process that destroys and kills pathogenic organisms but not always effective against spores and viruses..? disinfection
where would you find an anaerobic microorganism? in the soil
all pathogens are: disease-producing
an infection that develops when the body's normal defenses are not working properly is a/an: oppertunistic infection
what communication behavior by a health care provider demonstrates a sincere concern for he patient's welfare? listening carefully
Created by: lanabuckley