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eliza gene

9 weeks test

when healthcare workers follow standard percautions, they are practicing medical: asepis
the process that destroys pathogenic organisms but is not always effective against spores and viruses is chemical definition
standard percautions were developed by centers for Disease control and prevention
asepsis means? being free of disease-producing microtubes
you are changing mrs. normans bed when you stick your finger with a used syringe left on the bed. this is: an exposure incident
what is not a portal of exit? reproductive system
a known parasit microrganism that is carried by fleas, ticks, and mites is: protozoa
the absence of pathogens is known as: asepis
sterilization and handwashing are related to which part of the chain of infection? mode of transmission
where would you find a anaerobic microrganism? in the soil
a man died from an infection caused by a rickettsia. the infection was MOSTLY transmitted by: the bite of a tick
all pathogens are: disease-producing
albert has a yeast infection under his arm it should be treated with... antifungal cream
someone who has tetanus,got it from stepping on a rusted nail. this is a ___ infection exogenous
Created by: eliza buckley