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9 weeks test 1 Sunni

The process that destroyes pathogenic organisms but is not always effective against spores and viruses is: Chemical disinfection
A vaccination is available to prevent bioterrorism through the use of: Anthrax
Standard precautions were developed by: Centers for Disease Control
A susceptible host is: a person at risk for infection
when cleaning, clean: away from the body
When removing PPE, which is done first: untie the gown
When healthcare workers follow standard precautions, they are practicing medical: Asepsis
Round or spherical bacteria arranged in chains is termed: Streptococci
rickettsiae is caused by: the bites of ticks, fleas, mites, etc.
viruses are the: smallest microorganisms
you have a cut and have been fighting a "staph" infection. which component in the chain of infection are you? portal of exit
Larry had been in Mexico in which he recieved Amebic Dysentary from contaminated drinking water. Larry is related to which part of the chain of infection? source of reservoir
sore throat caused by streptococcus should be treated by: antibiotic medication
ADL activities of daily living
KT potassium
ABG arterial blood gas
OS left eye
OD right eye
AKA above knee amputation
BMR basic metabolic rate
STS serological test for syphilis
AMA against medical advice
Created by: sunni_marie