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9wk 1

health science

Patient satisfaction from the health care experience is mostly determined by the: Quality of communication from care givers.
prejudice on the part of a healthcare 2. Worker is a barrier to communication because the health care worker will: See the stereotype and not the individual patient.
a patient tells her doctor " i think i want a second opinion." which of the following is an example of a paraphrasing response by her doctor? "so you want us to refer you a specialist."
which of the following is an objective sign of a bruised kidney? bloody urine
a patient complains to her physician that " i'm up all night, going to the bathroom." her physician replies " about how many times a night do you go to the bathroom?" this response is an example of what feedback method? asking questions
a patient uses profanity when describing his nausea. how should the healthcare worker communicate the patient's complaint? state " the patient is complaining of nausea."
what behavior is part of active listening? trying to see the other person's point of view.
you are writing an e-mail to confirm Gerry Brown as a guest speaker for a HOSA chapter meeting. what closing sentence would be the MOST appropriate? we look forward to your presentation to our chapter members.
when writing in a patients chart & describing the patient's reaction to receiving bad news, what would be the BEST way to describe the patient? she cried softly for approximately five minutes after learning her diagnosis.
which entry in a patents chart uses correct spelling and grammar? the patent's pneumonia is improving
which of the following is not a characteristic of the "ideal" microorganism for bio terrorism? likes darkness and moisture
a vaccination is available to prevent bio terrorism through the use of ________. anthrax or plague
standard precautions were developed by _______. centers for disease control and prevention
the best method for sterilizing instruments that may corrode is _______? dry heat
OU both eyes together
BMR basic metabolic rate
mast breast
crani skull
cephal head
strept twist
burso sac
AMA agent medical advise
AKA above the knee amputation
RN registered nurse
ER emergency room
CC cubic centimeter
ML milliliter
BKA below the knee amputation
Created by: mirandareese