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Muscle attachments

The two muscle attachment sites of the clavicle are? Sternal extremity(medial), Acromial extremity(lateral)
What is the ligament attachment site on the clavicle called? Conoid tubercle
Name the 12 muscle attachment sites on the scapula. Coracoid process, Spine, Glenoid cavity, Subscapular fossa, Medial margin, Lateral margin, Superior angle, Inferior angle, Supraspinous fossa, Infraspinous fossa, Supraglenoid tubercle, Infraglenoid tubercle
What is the most lateral and superior landmark on the scapula? The Acromion
Name the 7 muscle attachment sites on the humerus. Greater tubercle, Lesser tubercle, Intertubercular groove, Deltoid tuberosity, Medial epicondyle, Lateral epicondyle, Olecranon fossa
Name the 2 muscle attachment sites on the ulna. Coronoid process, Olecranon
Name the ligament attachment on the ulna. Styloid process
Name the 2 muscle attachment sites on the radius. Radial tuberosity, Styloid process
What is the proximal (origin) attachment of Pectoralis major (sternal head) Sternum, Costal Cartilages 1-6
What are the proximal attachments of Latissimus dorsi (coughing muscle)? T6-S5 vertebrae, Illiac crest, Ribs 9-12
Name the 3 functions of the deltoid prime mover of abduction of should joint, strong flexor of humerus, extension of shoulder, lateral rotation and medial rotation
Name the four rotator cuff muscles Teres minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularis
Proximal attachments for Trapezius Posterior skull, C7-T12 vertebrae
List 2 structures that attach to the coracoid process coracoid humeral ligament, coracoidclavicular ligament
The "crank like" shape of the clavicle functions to....? Increase shoulder region mobility. Amplify greater rotation movement of shoulder
Eccentric muscles work to control or slow effect of gravity, thus it works to provide what sort of muscle contraction? Muscle lengthening
Muscles with parallel form are better adapted to produce: movements of large range
Name 3 structural differences between skeletal muscle cells and smooth muscle cells: smooth muscle cells have a single nuclues - skeletal muscle cells have several nuclei; myofilaments in smooth muscle are not arranged in sarcomeres; smooth muscle cells contain a 3rd type of contractile protein (desmin)
Name the 3 muscles that join to the coracoid process Pectoralis minor, biceps brachii and coracoidbrachialis
What contributes to the stability of the radioulnar joint? interosseous membrane, collateral and annular ligaments, articular disc, and pronator quadratus
Name the proximal attachments for biceps brachii coracoid process, superglenoid tubercle of scapula
Name the proximal attachments for rhomboid major T2-T5 vertebrae
Name the proximal attachments to rhomboid minor C7-T1 vertebrae
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