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Reformation Summ.

This is a review for the summative on the Reformation.

What was the Reformation and why were people angry with the Catholic Church? The Reformation was a movement to change the Catholic Church. People complained that the priests and bishops were not religious anymore, the Pope was too involved in politics, the church had grown too rich through indulgences.
Talk about indulgences including what they are. Indulgences = documents given by pope that excused person from penalties for sins. Church said buying them got you into heaven faster. Church lied & made them up to make money for new Church because they were not getting enough money through donations.
Who was Martin Luther, what did he do, and why did his ideas spread quickly across Europe? Martin Luther was a man who started the Reformation. He nailed 95 theses (problems) to the church door in Germany. These were complaints Luther had with the Church. The printing press helped spread these ideas throughout Europe.
What were some of Martin Luther's complaints about the Church? You did not need a priest to have relationship with God. Indulgences were worthless pieces of paper made up by the Church and were not in the Bible.
What was something Martin Luther did against the Church's wishes? Translated the Bible into German so people could read it. Catholic Church could not stop it because the printing press mass produced the Bible into German.
What did the Catholic Church do to try and stop Martin Luther from spreading his ideas? Pope Leo X called Luther a heretic and excommunicated him from the Church.
What are protestants and what were people called who followed Martin Luther? Protestants are Christians who protested against the Catholic Church. Christians who followed Martin Luther became known as Lutherans.
Talk about king Henry VIII of England. Wanted to end marriage & Pope would not let him. He created the Anglican Church so he could divorce his wife & marry someone else. He just set up Church to divorce his wife, so most rituals & beliefs of Anglican Church stayed similar to Catholic Church.
Define Federalism. Federalism is the sharing of power between national and local governments.
Explain in detail how the Reformation caused Federalism. Protestant churches run by the congregations (groups of worshipers). Congregations made own rules & elected own leaders. Some congregations began to rule their towns. National rulers began to share some power with local congregations causing federalism.
Created by: wojo1177