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Basic Quiz prep

Basic anatomy quiz prep

Anterior is to posterior as superior is to_______? Inferior
What does Cepahlid mean? Tp move in a headward direction.
Molecules are combinations of______? Atoms
A magician traditionally cuts someone in half through which anotomical plane? Horizontal
Organs are combinations of_____? Tissues
Which part of a cell is responsible for packaging proteins for distribtion? Golgi complex
Hereditary information is stored in the______? Nucleus
Mitochondria are resposnsible for_____? Production of chemical energy
Receptor sites for chemicals are found on the______? Cell Membrane
Which connective tissue is strong in all directions? Dense irregular collagenous connective tissue
Which type of epithelium is well suited for diffusion? Simple squamous
The two basic elements of building blocks of connective tissue are_______and_______. Cells and Extracellular matrix
Describe the structure of stratified squamous epithelium Many layers, flat cells
Which of the following is not a type of connective tissue. Cartilage, Bone, Adipose, Blood Adipose
Which element ofthe extracellular matirx is responsible for tensile strength? Collagen
Which cell type is the main fixed cell of connective tissue? Fibrocyte
List the four basic tissues of the human body. Epithelium, Connective tissue, Muscle, Nerve
What is the most common cartilage in the body? Hyaline
Name the integument layers from superficial to deep Epidermis, dermis, hypodermis
Name the tissue of the epidermis Stratified squamous epithelium
Melanocytes are responsible for________. Pigmentation of the keratinocytes
Which layer of the skin acts as an energy storehouse? Hypodermis
If I have a cut on my finger that is bleeding I know that the cut is at least as deep as the______. Dermis
In which specific region of the epidermis are the stem cells which divide to form keratinocytes found? Stratum basale
Identify the most lethal from a skin cancer Melanoma
Which region is located immediately superior to the thorax? Neck/Cervical
List the regions of the upper limb from distal to proximal Manus, Antebrachium, Brachium
The control center of the cell is the_______? Nucleus
The part of the cell responsible for packaging and shipping proteins is the________? Golgi apparatus/complex
Describe the structure stratifed squamous epithelium Many layers, flat cells
Which element of the extracellular matrix is responsible for tensile strength? Collagen
Name the tissue of the dermis. Dense irregular connective tissue.
Adipose cells are found in the_______? Hypodermis
Which specific type of joint is found between the radius and ulna in the antebrachium? Syndesmosis
Which specific type of joint is found between the plates of the skull? Suture
What is the name given to the small round protions of the bone found within compact bone? Osteon
What is the most common type of joint found in the body? Synovial
What type of joint is located between two adjacent vertebrae? Symphysis
Which type of joint is not found in the adult body? Synchondrosis
Spongy bone is located_________? Deep to compact bone
What gives bone its tensile strength? Collagen
What name is given to the layer of dense irregular connective tissue that is around all bones? Periosteum
The tendon insertion is always found_______. Mobile end of a muscle.
List three functions of muscle tissue. Heat, Support, Movement
Muscle tissue is highly specialized to_____, Contract
The layer of connective tissue that surrounds the entire muscle is called the________. Epimysium
Name the two microfilaments found in a muscle cell. Tropomyosin and Actin
A motor unit contains which two of the following? Lactic acid, Muscle fiber, Motor neuron, ATP Motor neuron and ATP
What is the smallest contractile unit of a muscle cell? A sarcomere
What binds to troponin in order to remove the tropnin/tropomyosin complex from the actin filament? Calcium
What is the energy used by the myosin head? ATP
Biomechanics considers the musculoskeletal system to be a series of machines we call________. Levers
The pivot point for the lever arm is called the________. Fulcrum
Which lever has the in-force applied on one side of the joint and the out-force on the other side of the joint? First class
The erector spinae muscles are all capable of what action? Extension
Which muscle of the transversospinalis group is found primarily on the cervical and upper thoracic spine? Semispinalis
The spinotransversalis muscles are situated_______ to the vertebral column. Posterior
Which muscle group lies just immediately superficial to the transversospinalis muscles? Erector spinae
Name the two muscles that attach to the iliac crest Mulfifidus and Iliocostalis
Name the muscle found between the transverse and spinous process. Multifidus
The region of the vertebra between the transverse and spinous processes is called the________. Lamina
Name the muscle of the back that runs lateral to longissimus dorsi. Iliocostalis
Which muscle attaches to the zygomatic arch? Masseter
Which muscle passes deep to the zygomatic arch? Temporalis
What is the primary concept of how all effleaurage strokes should be applied? Strokes are centripetal or toward the heart.
The technique of "kneading" is performed in which manner? Lifting, grasping, rolling and compressing muscles.
Why is proper draping an important part of good, professional business ethics? It ensures your clients privacy and comfort.
If a new client refuses to fill out an intake form, what action should be taken? Ask as many questions as necessary, and if the client gives enough information, proceed with the massage.
Range of motion is determined through an assessment of Joint movement.
What hormone does the pineal gland produce? melatonin
The mitral valve is also known as the bicuspid valve.
Warts are a contagious infection of the epidermis layer of the skin.
What causes poliomyelitis? Viral Infection
Diabetes that is characterized by a deficiency of insulin production by the beta cells within the pancreatic islet cells is called Type I. Diabetes Mellitus
Which of the following oriental meridians is not paired? Conception Vessel
The 1099 tax form is a statement used to notify the IRS of what information Independent Contractor Wages
Which of the following conditions violates the NCBTMB Code of Ethics? Dating a client
Which of the following w9ould be a mechanical effect of massage? Breaking down adhesions
Many of the medical terms used today take their origins from what two languages? Greek, Latin
Your client arrives complaining of acute "whiplash" symptoms they received in a car accedent the day before, Is massage appropriate? Refer them to a doctor and reschedule after consulting with the doctor.
Massage can reduce pain in what way? It reduces the cause behind pain stimulation .
A birthmark or mole is called a Nevus
A thrombus is a stationary blood clot
When I roll a bowling ball forward, the primary movement of my shoulder joint is Flexion
When I stand on my tip toes my ankle joint goes through plantarflexion.
During an eccentric contraction, a muscle contracts and lengthens.
Which of the following is not a function of the kidney? produce epinephrine
Sperm cells are carried from the testes to the prostate gland via the vas deferens (ductus deferens).
The brachial plexus involves nerve roots C5 to T1
An injury in which a tendon is partially torn is called a strain
Compression on the (blank) occurs in carpal tunnel syndrome. median nerve
An ulceration in the mucosal line of the stomach oan or duodenum is called a (n) peptic ulcer.
(Blank) is a softening of the bone that is called rickets in little children. Osteomalacia
Which of the following statements concerning the purpose of "Gliding" is NOT correct? It stretches deep muscles and fascia.
Which lever system is good for generating power but poor for generating speed? second class lever system
What are the natural pain controllers produced in the brain? Endorphins
Which of the following effects describes the primary use for friction? It is used to affect tissue around joint spaces and bony prominences.
What are a few contraindications to massage work? abnormal lumps, fever, acute inflammation
What is passive joint movement? The client relaxes and the therapist performs a movement or stretch
The type of movement in which the client is asked to rotate theri head to the left as far as they can is called active movement
What is the definition of Professional ethics? promoting the public welfare, the client's welfare, and the reputation of your profession.
Which of the following statements describes "cross-fiber friction"? Oscillating movements across muscle fibers
Static strectching is defined as gently strectchin a muscle until resistance is met and held 10-20 seconds.
Which oriental meridian runs up the middle of the spine? Governing
Bodywork of which muscle group would be effective in relieving sciatica? Gluteus group
What is the primary description / cause of "tennis elbow"? tendonitis / impact trauma
Which movement should be avoided for someone with a hep replacement? Abduction of the hip
Which techniques would be effective in the rehabilitation of a post acute ACL tear? cross fiber friction and PNF of the knee joint
The condition that develops when the ;lacenta separates prematurely from the wall of the uterus is called abruptio placentae.
Nuritis of the 7th cranial nerve that usually causes paralysis to one side of the face is called? Bells Palsy
A deficiency of dietary iodine results in the development of a goiter
Muscular dystrophy is a group of muscular disorders in which there is considerable muscle degeneration and weakness.
A greenstick fracture occurs when a bone is incompletely broken.
Complete the following sequence abdominal aorta, common iliac arter, (blank), femoral artery external iliac artery
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