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Quiz 6

review for quiz 6

Patient's Bill of Rights allows patients... the right to refuse any and all medical treatments
PHI Protected Health Information - part of HIPPA - any part of a patient's health information that is linked to information which identifies the patient is protected - illegal to release any of this without consent
HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - defines a set of standards and procedures for the protection of the privacy of health information
What petechiae indicates tourniquet has been left on too long - may bleed excessively
Inadequate blood to additive ratio will not give accurate results - not filling tube to proper amount according to additive needs (LT BLUE/LAV)
Examples of QA (quality assurance) patient preparation, collection and transport protocols (involves QC-quality control and is part of TQM-total quality management)
Basal state body's state after 12 hours of fasting and abstentation from strenuous exercise - why most draws are scheduled in the early morning
Diurnal variation normal daily fluctuations in body chemistry related to hormonal cycles, sleep-wake cycles and other regular patterns of change
Expressed consent - Implied consent expressed - patient verbally saying "yes" or when a patient signs consent implied - patient's action demonstrates consent
Allen test utilized when performing ABG
Peripheral blood smear : amount of specimen and placement of specimen 1mm drop - 1/2-1 inch from end
Peripheral blood smear : acceptable slides and spreader slide angle must have a feathered edge (thin out farther from the original drop) - spreader at 25-30 degree angle
COC (chain of custody) protocol that ensures the sample is always in the custody of the person legally entrusted to be in control of it
ABG (arterial blood gas) determines levels of gas in blood - arterial draw, no alcohol, ice - usually done by RN
Elapsed time: draw and returning specimen to lab stat- return asap to lab, most deliveries will occur within 45 min of draw but no more than 2 hours after draw
Aliquoting specimens multiple samples from single specimen allow different departments to share a single sample - must be properly labeled indicating source and additive present - never combine specimens with different additives
Means of maintaining stool samples in the lab must be brought to lab ASAP - kept at room temp. or refrigerated during transport and after delivery
Accession number what all specimens are referred to in lab
Elements of negligence 1.duty-prove defendant owed plaintiff a "duty of care" 2.dereliction-prove defend. breached duty or care 3. injury-must prove a legally recognizable injury occurred 4. direct cause-injury was sustained as a direct result of actions or inactions
Assault unjustifiable attempt or threat to touch a person
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