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6th SS Unit 2

Ancient Greece

Civilization culture that includes certain elements such as a system of writing, cities, and workers with specialized jobs
City-State city and its surrounding countryside
theocracy form of government in which one individual ruled as both religious leader and king
cuneiform Sumerian form of writing using wooden triangular-shaped sticks in the form of hundreds of different wedge shaped markings on moist clay
pharaoh ruler of Ancient Egypt
polytheistic believing in more than one god
hieroglyphics ancient form of writing that used sign and symbols
papyrus tall plant of the Nile valley, used in making a form of paper
monotheism belief that there is only one God
scapegoat one who is wrongly blamed by others
messiah in Judaism and Christianity, a savior sent by God
five pillars of faith basic religious obligations of Islam
hajj religious journey to Makkah (Mecca) that Muslims are expected to take at least once during their lifetimes if they are able to do so
terrorism systematic use of violence or terror to achieve certain goals
mosque place of worship for followers of Islam
bedouin nomadic Arab of the deserts of the Southwest
Islamic republic government run by Muslim religious leaders
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