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W. Africa Summative

This is a review for the summative on West Africa.

What goods were mainly traded in Ghana using the silent barter and why were the goods valuable? Salt and gold. Gold is valuable because there is not much of it around. Salt is needed by people in their diets to survive. Without salt you would die.
Explain how the silent barter worked. Why was Ghana in a good spot to trade? Silent barter = people trading goods without talking to each other. Traders would bang a drum to let the other traders know it was time to trade. They traded on the banks of the Niger river. Salt located north of Ghana, gold located south of Ghana.
Why was Ghana in a good spot to trade? Salt located north of Ghana, gold located south of Ghana. Ghana grew wealthy from taxing people when they came in to trade & when they left the Empire.
Why was the silent barter a good system to use in Ghana? Silent barter allowed the trades to be peaceful and the location of the gold mines could be kept a secret. Ghana watched over the trade to make sure it was peaceful. Ghana’s army kept the trade routes safe.
Talk about the Empire of Mali. Mali Empire was located along the Niger River and included more land than the Empire of Ghana. Like Ghana, participated in the salt and gold trade. Islam spread along the trade routes and was adopted by the leaders of the Mali Empire.
Talk about Mansa Musa, the leader of Mali from 1312-1337. Spread Islam in West Africa. Went on pilgrimage to Mecca, spread gold along the way. Pilgrimage showed West Africa to rest of world. Had scholars set up schools in Mali & architects build mosques. Schools taught people Arabic so they could read Qur’an.
Talk about the founding of the Empire of Songhai. People of Songhai rebelled against the Mali Empire and eventually took it over. Wealth came in from the salt and gold trade.
Talk about the ruler of Songhai known as Askia the Great. Encouraged the growth of Islam and made laws in Songhai similar to laws in other Islamic nations. Allowed trading with Muslims to the north to increase. Supported learning and education. Sankore University built in Timbuktu.
Talk about the university that was built in Songhai and the learning that took place there.. Sankore University built in Timbuktu. Math, science, medicine, grammar, and law taught there. People came from all over to Timbuktu’s libraries, universities, and mosques.
Who conquered Songhai, why did they do it, an how did they do it? Songhai was conquered by Morocco in 1591. Morocco wanted control of the salt mines and gold mines and conquered Songhai with stronger weapons (had cannons and guns).
Created by: wojo1177