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Mongols Summative

This is a review for the summative on the Mongols.

Talk about the origins of the Mongols. Include Genghis Khan in your information. Mongols: nomadic people north of China that lived in separate tribes with no written language. Genghis Khan united them into a single tribe & a powerful army.
Talk about the land the Mongols controlled. By late 1200’s Mongols control about 9 million square miles (over twice the land of the United States). Included lands in China, Persia, Central Asia, Southern Russia, Iraq, Korea. Over 25% of world population was under Mongol control at the time.
How did the Mongols conquer so much land in a short amount of time? Mongol strategy was to give people a choice…surrender & live or fight them and die. If people fought the Mongols and lost, the Mongols killed everyone that could not help them. This caused many people to surrender to the Mongols to save their lives.
Explain the origins of the Ottoman Turks (These people were NOT mongols). After Mongols destroyed Baghdad in 1258 the Seljuk Turk Empire collapsed. Many different Turks came into the area. Osman was the leader of one tribe and he began to unite many of the tribes together to create a large empire known as the Ottoman Empire.
How Mongols contribute to the fall of the the Byzantine Empire and the city of Constantinople? Ottomans conquered Constantinople in 1453 using cannons to destroy walls around the city. Idea for gunpowder used in the cannon was introduced to the Ottomans & the Islamic world from the Mongols (Mongols learned of gunpowder after conquering China.)
What effect did the fall of Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire have on Western Europe? Some people in Constantinople fled from Ottomans to Italy bringing with them ideas of humanism & classical books from ancient Greeks/Romans which helped in the start of the Renaissance in Italy as new ideas and people fled to Italy to escape the Turks.
Explain the Yaun Dynasty in China. Mongol dynasty in China founded when Kublai Khan (Genghis Khan’s grandson) conquered China. The Mongols let the Chinese keep their own customs. When the Mongols failed to conquer Japan, China rebelled.
How did the Yuan Dynasty fall? The Mongols tried to invade Japan and failed causing the Chinese to rebel against and defeat the Mongols. The Chinese people came together and created the Ming Dynasty
Why did the Mongols fail in their attempt to invade and conquer Japan? 1) Storms off coast of Japan caused many deaths to Mongols. 2)Japanese Samurai were able to hold off Mongol attacks. Samurai’s ability to stop Mongols justified keeping the feudal system in Japan and let Samurai warriors hold powerful positions in Japan.
Talk about the Mongols in Korea. 1231: Mongols invade Korea & made them sign a treaty of alliance. Korea under Mongol control for 80 years. When Mongols failed to conquer Japan, the Koreans rebelled and took their land back.
Created by: wojo1177