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Medical terminology

Or/o oral
gloss/o tongue
bucc/o cheeks
Gastr/o stomach
append/o appendix
dent/o teeth
gingiv/o gums
proct/o anus,rectum
stomat/o inflammation of the mouth
cholecyst/o gallbladder
emesis vomit
pepsia digestion
rrhea discharge/flow
halitosis offensiveness or bad breath
Eupepsia good/normal digestion
dysphagia inability or difficulty in swallowing/ also called aphagia
mastication mechanically breaking down food
anorexia lack or loss of appetite, inability to eat
peristalsis coordinated, rhythmic muscle contractions that move food through the GI tract
Deglutition swallowing
bolus food broken down by chemical and teeth
steatorrhea passage of fat in large amounts in the feces due to failure to digest and absorb it
cachexia general lack of nutrition and washing away due to chronic disease
hepat/o liver
flatus gas in the GI tract, expelling of air from a body orifice, especially in the anus
esopho/o esophogus
choledoch/o bile duct
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