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Quiz 2

review for quiz 2

Allergic contact dermatitis true allergic response, absorbed through skin, may not be localized
Irritant contact dermatitis after direct skin contact with substance, localized to exposed area
Anaphylaxis occurs rapidly, severe, can be life-threatening, epinephrine or ER management may be required
OSHA occupational safety and health administration - responsible for regulating workplace safety
CLIA clinical lab improvement act of 1988 - regulates all facilities that perform patient testing
What CLIA mandates regulations on all facilities that perform patient testing
What are CLIA waived tests simple lab exams/procedures that are cleared by FDA for home use
JCAHO joint commission on accreditation of healthcare organization - mandates that labs be inspected every 2 years
CLSI clinical and laboratory standards institute - labs that meet these standards receive accreditation
PASS pull pin, aim at base of fire, squeeze handle or lever, sweep side to side
Needle stick protocol -flush area with soap and water, clean wound ASAP -report incident to supervisor -seek immediate medical attention
Chemical spill protocol on person: safety shower for 15 min, proceed to ER on floor: alert nearby personnel and follow protocol for clean up
What OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard requires all manufacturers label hazardous materials and must have MSDS (material safety data sheet)
The results if you fail to perform your duties can lead to significant consequences for patients
Principal purpose of phlebotomy performed primarily for diagnosis and monitoring a patients condition - to obtain blood samples at request of physician for analysis
ICU intensive care unit
ER/ED emergency room/department
O2 oxygen
BP blood pressure
Dx diagnose
pt patient
BID/bid twice a day
NPO nothing by mouth
q2h every two hours
qid four times a day
SOB shortness of breath
PRN as needed
Heme- blood
Gastr- stomach
Thromb- clot
Derm- skin
Phlebo- vein
Cephal- head, brain
Supervisor of lab pathologist
What happens when an evac tube reaches expiration will give inaccurate results
Anticoagulant the blood will not clot - yields plasma
Coagulant the blood will clot - yields serum
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