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Theology 2 AM

Theology 2: The Goodness of Creation and Our Fall from Grace

What does the word revelation mean? Revelation means disclosure.
what does the word inspired mean? Inspired means God Breathed.
Who is the original author of the Bible? The original author of the Bible is God, the Father.
What does the word inerrant mean? Inerrant means unable to be wrong in all that it intends to teach.
What is another word for a literalist? Another word for a literalist is a Fundamentalist.
What does a literalist believe about the Bible? Literalists believe that the Bible is true in every detail, word for word.
What group takes a more literal approach to the Bible? Protestant churches take a more literal approach to the Bible.
What does a contextualist believe about the Bible? Contextualists believe that everything in the Bible is true, but focuses on the religious truth that each passage is meant to convey.
What group takes a more contextualist approach to the Bible? The Catholic Church takes a more contextualist approach to the Bible.
Is the Old Testament a single book? No, the Old Testament is a collection of books written by different authors at different times.
What are some of the different literary forms in the Bible? Some are: the origin story, short stories, epics, imagery, parallelism, irony, and figures of speech.
If you take a contextualist side, are there any dangers of regarding the Bible in this way? Yes there are. They shouldn't be taken as just a bunch of random stories, but rather be taken as if they are under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
What is an example of things we have to believe in the Christian fsith? God created everything out of nothing, all creation is good and apart of his plan, women and men are equal, man has dominion over God's creatures, the sabbath is sacred, etc.
What is the Trinity? The Trinity is the central mystery of the Christiian faith. (Father, Son & Holy Spirit)
How many people are in the Holy Trinity? The trinity is one God in 3 persons.
What is the same and different about the persons of the Tirinity? All three people share the same qualities, but are very distinct from one another.
What are Angels? Angels are servants and messengers of God, made with both intelligence and free will.
How many choirs of angels are there in Heaven? 9 Choirs.
What groups of Angels are in the Supreme Hierarchy? Seraphim, Cherubim, & Thrones.
What groups of angels are in the Middle Hierarchy? Dominons, Virtues, & Powers
What groups of angels are in the Lower Hierarchy? Principalities, Archangels, & Angels.
What makes man different from all other lining beings? We are the only beings made in God's image and likeness, we have immortal souls & we have free will.
What is original Holiness? We were originally not prone to sin, or at least not until Adam & Eve committed original sin.
Created by: jennahamilton



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