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Crusades summative

This is a review for the summative on the Fall of Feudalism and the Crusades.

Why did towns grow and trade increase around the year 1000? People began to travel more now that the invasions had died down. Many people who could, left the manors to make money in towns. Towns grew bigger and people began to trade with money instead of land.
What happened to the Muslim city of Toledo, Spain in 1085? Why was it good for the rest of Europe? Christians move into Spain & conquer the Muslim city of Toledo. Christians discover a library in Toledo with ancient Greek & Roman books. Begins a process of learning in western Europe. Over next few centuries, literacy rate in Western Europe rise.
How did Muslims achievements get written out of European history? You should be able to explain this with what happened in Toledo, Spain. Western European scholars translate books from Toledo into Latin from Arabic. Translators give Muslim thinkers European sounding names (“Latinize” them). Over time ideas expanded upon by Europeans. People forget Muslims made any contributions.
What were the Crusades? A series of wars (1099-1300’s) between Christians and Muslims over the city of Jerusalem.
How did the Crusades lead to the end of feudalism and the rise of kings across Western Europe? You should be able to name two reasons. Kings slowly took back lands when nobles went on the Crusades. Some nobles died on Crusades while others had to borrow money against their lands to finance the Crusades and could not pay back the loans when they returned to Europe.
After getting the land back, kings developed nation-states. Define nation-state. Kings took the land back from dead or poor nobles and created nation-states. Nation states are lands with defined borders that share a common language, culture and values.
Define Magna Carta. Magna Carta was a document giving nobles more rights in England like trial by jury, a person cannot be thrown in jail without a reason, and the king was no longer above the law.
Tell the story about how the Magna Carta changed England. In England in 1215, nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta giving the nobles more rights. This was the first time regular people took power from a king.
What was the big effect the Crusades had on Europe? The Crusades opened Europe up to interactions with the Muslim world. Trade between Asia and Europe grew (spices, silk, citrus fruits).
What did the Europeans learn from the Muslims in Asia as a result of the Crusades? Europeans learned about Muslim culture, religion, and society that was much more advanced (algebra, Hindu-Arabic numerals, windmills, navigational devices like the astrolabe and magnetic compass, paper, glass, gunpowder).
Define Diffusion Diffusion is the spread of ideas and culture from one place to another.
Created by: wojo1177