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Muslim Ach. summ.

This is a review for the summative on the Muslim Achievements.

Early Islamic culture took place across the Muslim world and centered in what two main cities? Cordoba, Spain & Baghdad, Iraq
Explain what went on in Cordoba, Spain and what the city was like. Center of learning/invention there to rival House of Wisdom. Christians, Muslims, Jews work together to translate Greek/Roman classics into Arabic. At peak in 1000’s Cordoba has 1/2 million people, 300 public baths, 50 hospitals, more books than Europe.
Describe the House of Wisdom that was built in Baghdad, Iraq Place for people to learn. Christian & foreign translators copy Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Hindu, Persian works into Arabic. Paper, from China, is available making writing books quicker. People expand on ideas in medicine, mathematics, biology.
Explain what went on in Baghdad, Iraq and what the city was like. House of Wisdom there. In 900’s the first urban hospital is set up to treat patients. They quarantine the sick & also have different wings in the hospital for different illnesses. By 1200’s Baghdad has over 36 public libraries & over 100 bookstores.
Created by: wojo1177