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18 Var Enlightenment


Author of Wealth of Nations Adam Smith
Wrote the General Will & Discourse on the Arts and Science Rousseau
Wrote Vindication of the Rights of Women Mary Wollstonecraft
Published 28 volume set of encyclopedias Diderot
Prison fortress in Paris Bastille
Composed coronation music for George II Handel
Primary author of the Declaration of Independance Jefferson
Art style most associated with Louis XIV's era Baroque
Said all men entitled to life, liberty and property Locke
Said life was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short Hobbes
Mozart was his pupil Haydn
Famous salon in Paris Rue St. Honore
18th C book supporting laissez faire economics Wealth of Nations
Handel's famous piece with Hallelujah Chorus Messiah
Hobbes book supporting absolutism Leviathan
Don Giovanni among his many compositions Mozart
German musician who had over 1000 compositions Bach
Term for the philosophs of economics Physiocrats
Voltaire's book criticizing religion politics, etc Candide
Work of Locke which dealt with the Social Contract Two Treaties on Government
King of England during American Revolution George III
Term for intellectuals of the enlightenment Philosophes
Religion which compared God to clock maker Deism
Handel famous for this type of composition Oratorio
1707 law joining England and Scotland Act of Union
French term meaning "let do" laisses-faire
Conservative British political party in the 17th & 18th C Tories
Author of Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe
Born in 1694. He was a French writer with the pen name of Francois Marie Arouet . Voltaire
Liberal political party in the 17th & 18th C Whigs
Book about one stranded on an island with family Robinson Crusoe
Month, day & year Declaration of Independence went into effect July 4, 1776
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