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C, and S America

Central and Southern America Terms and names

Conquistadores A few soldiers that were lucky to conquer large, rich, ancient civilizations. Germs, Horses, and guns helped the conquistadores conquer these countries.
Hernan Cortes Led an expedition with 600 men to the Mexican Mainland in search of slaves and to establish trade.
Francisco Pizarro In 1532 this Spanish conquistador, accompanied by 180 men, 37 horses and 2 cannons arranged to meet the Inca emperor. He and his men captured the emperor. In exchange for his freedom the emperor offered the spaniards a room of gold and silver. killed emp.
Mayans Have only known fully developed language in the Americas. Known for art and architecture, mathematics and astronomy. Classical period was 250-900
Incans Empire stretched nearly 3,000 miles sourth from the equator and contained half of teh population in south America
Aztecs Cosmology attributed the creation and the ordering of the world to the Toltec god Quetzalcoatl. Believed that each human was a kind of axis mundi, connecting the earthly realm to the divine.
Liberation Theology Jesus is seen not just as a redeemer, but as a liberator of the opressed. Strong desire to bring justice to the poor. Sometimes described as form of Christian Socialism. Some elements have been rejected by the Vatican.
Hugo Chavez Socialist and anti-imperialist, gave money to poor. Opponent of the US
Socialism Happened in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez
Juan Diego said to have seen the Virgin Mary "Our lady of Guadalupe"



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