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C, E, and S Africa

Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa terms

King Mswati III Lives life of luxury at the expense of people. Has 13 wives. He rules Swaziland along with his mother. Considered one of the top 10 cruelest leaders in the World.
Berlin Conference 1884-1885: The colonization of the Continent by European Powers.
Truth and Reconciliation Where people would come together and talk about events that occured during the Apartheid, such as murder. But the people weren't punished for their actions. Desmond Tutu oversaw the entire commission.
Josephh Dsir mobutu Corrupt and extravagant dictatior of present Day Democratic Republic of Congo, who fled country after his exile in 1997.
Nelson Mandela Man who worked to abolish apartheid in South Africa. Imprisoned for 27 years. name means "troublemaker". Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
Desmond Tutu Archbishop who oversaw Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Dr. Livingston English Explorer who discovered Victoria Falls
Henry Morton Stanley Journalist who uttered the famous words, "Dr. Livingston i presume," and was later employed by King Leopold to explore Central Africa
Paul Kagame Leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front that eventually overthrew the Hutu Government
King Leopold II of Belgium This man personally received the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo at the Berlin Conference in 1885.
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