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theo 7 quiz on mass


Name the parts of the introductory rites in order. Prayers to prepare our minds, Entrance procession, hymn, sign of the cross, penitential rite, Gloria, opening prayer
Who are the people who come in at the entrance procession? ministers and priest
Define sign of the cross. reminds us of our faith in holy trinity and how Jesus died on the cross.
What is the penitential rite? where we ask forgiveness for our venial sins
Gloria hymn of praise
What is the opening prayer? priest collects our intentions and offers them to God
where is the first reading from and to what does it relate? from Hebrew Scriptures relates to the Gospel
What are the responsorial psalms? from the psalms response of praise to readings
Where is the second reading from and does it relate to anything? from epistle/letters, may not relate to other readings.
How is the alleluia pronounced? It is sung
Define the third reading. Contains words of Jesus, we stand, cycle of the OT and NT for 3 years.
What is the Homily? "breaks open" the word of God helps us understand the Scripture.
What is the profession of faith? to confess our faith
what are the general intersessions? presents the petitions of the people to God.
name the parts of the Litergy of the Eucharist in order Procession of gifts, preparation of the alter, prayer over gifts, Holy, holy, holy, Eucharistic Prayer, Consecration, memorial acclamation, Great Amen
What is brought up in the procession of the gifts? bread, wine, money
who completes the preparation of the alter? deacon or alter servers.
What is the prayer over gifts asking? To thank God for all the gifts given to us and ask that they be transformed.
what is the Eucharistic Prayer? a prayer of thanksgiving and praise,
whose words does the Eucharistic prayer follow? Jesus'
What is Consecration? Moment the bread and wine are transformed to the body and blood of Jesus
What does the memorial acclamation proclaim? the paschal mystery.
What are the words of the memorial acclamation? When w eat this bread, and drink this cup, we proclaim your death O Lord, until you come again.
What does the Great Amen affirm? affirms "We believe"
State the parts of the Communion rite in order. Our Father, sign of peace, breaks bread, Reception of holy communion, prayer after communion.
Our Father to pray in Jesus' words
What is the sign of Peace a gesture of? gesture of unity.
breaks the bread recognizes that Jesus is the Lamb of God.
Reception of Holy Communion to become one with God
Prayer after communion thanksgiving
what does the concluding rite entail? The final blessing
what is the final blessing? commission to live our faith outside of church
What does the priest say at the final blessing? "Go and announce the Gospel of the lord"
what is transubstantiation? when the bread and wine become the body and blood of the Lord
what is after the prayer after communion? announcements
How many prayers is mass considered to have? One
What two reading are you seated for? firs and second readings
why do we go to mass? to worship and pray and to think about the paschal mystery
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