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Chapter 8

Essentials of Health Information Management Chapter 8

Indexing allows for Health information to be maintained and retrieved for education and research
Health care facilities maintain a master patient index (MPI) Permanently
Disease, produced, and phusician indexes are generated as the result of case Abstracting
The master patient index (MPI) links a patient's medical record number with common indentification data elements
An admission/discharge/transfer system interfaces with an automated MPI to input patient registration information
Which is an example of an MPI's continuityof care (or continum of care) use? Attending physician contact the health information department to request old records on a readmitted patient.
It is important to avoid the creation of duplicate MPI records, which means Information should be entered by the deparment that has control over the assignment of medical record numbers
Diesease, procedure, and physician indexes contain data abstracted (selected) from patient records
Case report forms are used by health care providers to report data to all of these
Registers and registries are_______ sources of patient information Secondary
The NCHS responsible for maintaining official vital statistics is a ________agency Federal
Case abstracting is an automated or manual process performed by a health information department staff to collect patient information TRUE
Which is the study of types of patients treated by a facilty? Case mix analysis
A standard method for collectingand reporting individual elements is called a data_____ Set
Registers and registries contain information about a disease or event and are maintained by All of these
Data confoms to an expected range of values Data Validity
Data is the same no matter where the data is recorded Data Integrity
Data is consistent throughout all systems Data reliability
Purpose for which the data are collected Data application
Process by which data elements are accumulated Data Collection
Processes and systems used to archive data amd data journals Data Warehousing
Process of translating data into information utilizaed for an application Data Analysis
Number of inpatients present at Census-taking time Daily census count
Official count of inpatients present at midnight Daily inpatient census
Arithmetic mean of inpatients treated during a given time period Average daily census
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