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7th Grade SS

Desert Dry area of land with little to no inches of rain fall every year.
Oasis Area of land
Coastal Plains Area of land with rocky cliffs and dry riverbeds. Moist air.
Mountains High elevated piece of land with cool, damp air.(Must be over 1,00 ft)
Nomad Person who constantly travels form place to place.
Beduins Nomads
Clan Group of people joined by blood or marriage.
The Arabian Peninsula was well suited for trade because.... It was surrounded by water on three sides and it was near three major countries.
Two main Oasis cities. Mecca and Medina
Products used for trade in the Arabian Peninsula. Textiles, silk, incense, live stock, copper, and produce.
Caravan Group of people journeying together.
Why was Mecca an important religious center? The Ka'aba was at there.
Pilgrimage Long journey with a clan.
Polytheism Belief in many God.
Monotheism Belief in one God.
Ka'aba Cube shaped structure in Mecca where statues of Gods were placed.
What happened when Muhammad when he was born? His parents died so he was orphaned.
Who told Muhammad he was the final prophet. The Angle Gabriel.
Allah The God in Islamic beliefs.
Angle Gabriel Angle sent by God to tell Muhammad he was the final prophet.
Muslims Person who worships the Allah
The Qur'an Holy book of the Muslim people.
What are the five pillars of Islam? Shahda,Salat, Zakat, Siyam, and Hajj.
Shahda Muslims profess their faith,"There is only one God,and Muhammad is his prophet.
Salat Pray five times a day
Zakat Charity to those in need
Siyam Fasting during the month of Ramadan
Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca
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