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SS Exploration Q/A

What is the Columbian Exchange? Where goods were traded with different countries.
What were the sources of diseases and who did they affected? The Europeans and Spaniards and The Native Americans
Name the cash crops and where they came from? North America:Sunflowers,Corn and Avocados South America:Potatoes,Tomatoes and Peanuts Central America:Peppers,Beans and Cocoa
Who were the four main countries who participated n the Columbian Exchange? America,Europe, Asia and Africa
How were the Europeans able to overtake the Native Americans? Name the ways? They conquered their lands,They kicked them off their territory and they gave them many diseases
What was exchanged in the Columbian Exchange? People,Diseases,Culture and Goods
What is the difference in the Old World vs New World? Old World there was religion persecution New World had to plant their own crops
What is the Atlantic Slave Trade? It was created in 1500s to fill in labor for Spain's American Empire.
What is the Triangular Trade? Several ships were importing and exporting goods so much that the routes created a geographical triangle
What is the Middle Passage? Hundreds of African men,women and children were crammed on a boat ton work on plantations
What is the Commercial Revolution? The Buying and Selling Of Goods
What was the impact of the slave trade? It forcefully moved Africans from their families and also used them to harvest crops that was sold for profit
Who helped the Europeans to capture slaves in Africa? Caboceers helped them capture slaves in Africa
Where did many of the enslaved Africans end up? Name the countries? Caribbean,Europe,Spain and the Americas
Created by: KeyLime1600