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Chapters 1 Adam and Eve

Before God created the world, he made beautiful creatures called: angels
The angels were: created good
God created the world in: six days
God made man: from dust, in his image, with his breath
Who is Eve: Adam's wife
God made two special: trees-The Tree of Life and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Before the Fall, Adam was: happy, never sick and surrounded by animals
God made woman from: Adam's rib
Adam and Eve were: in communion with God, happy in Eden and in communion with each other
Their bodies: would not grow old, were holy and were naked.
What were Adam and Eve forbidden to do? Not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Why did God give Adam and Eve this command? To see if they loved and obeyed him if they had a choice.
Why did the devil want Adam and Eve not to be happy? So they would get kicked out of heaven.
How did the serpent(the devil in disguise) trick Eve? By telling Eve that she will not die if she eats the apple,
What did Eve and Adam do? Adam and Eve ate the apple.
Did they pass God's test? No they did not pass God's test
What happened when God came into the Garden of Eden? He asked Adam where was he and why did he hide.Adam told him that ate from the tree and Eve said the same. God was upset and made them work for their food.
What did God promise Adam and Eve? A Redeemer or Savior to save them from sin and open the gates of heaven again.
Who is the Savior God promised? His son Jesus Christ.
Write out God's promise to Adam and Eve God promised that one of their descendants would crush the power of evil that they brought into the world.
Created by: talayah
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